Crypto Gambling History in 1 Picture – After a Decade

After dominating the financial industry for the last couple of years, cryptocurrencies are starting to seep into unknown territories, adapting to their systems and changing them completely.

Unfortunately, or better yet, very fortunately for the gambling industry, it was the next on Bitcoin’s hit list. 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the first Bitcoins appearing on a gambling platform all the way back in 2011.

The First Appearance

This first platform was, a relatively unknown platform at the time. But now, BTC gambling platforms are in the hundreds, or maybe even in the thousands.

This article showcases the complete journey that cryptos took through the gambling industry in the last ten years and visualizes it in an easy-to-follow and simple format, as well as provides a quick overview of Bitcoin price fluctuations during the period.

The infographic is courtesy of BitcoinCasinosReviews, a newly established crypto gambling blog with guides and reviews of everything related to their industry.

Full infographics are found here.

Australia’s role in this process

While crypto was taking the world by storm, Aussies were not lying back and watching the fireworks. In fact, many actively participated in the advancement of blockchain technology in the world of iGaming.

And even today, some of the top-rated Bitcoin casinos are owned by Australians or actively visited by them.


Infographics by Hannah Weadon of

Text by Konstantin Rabin

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