Crypto project Waves launches COVID-19 charity betting pool

Humble supports charity

Blockchain project Waves has embarked on a COVID-19 campaign in order to support organizations and funds in need of financial aid in fighting the pandemic.

The tokenized prediction market announced late last week allows users to speculate on infection rates in a rather macabre betting pool on the Waves Exchange.

According to the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 map, the numbers of infected have now topped 1.2 million globally with deaths from the disease totaling almost 70,000.

Waves users can buy COVID-DWN or COVID-UP tokens to speculate on whether the number of globally confirmed COVID-19 cases increases or decreases within a seven-day period.

The smart contract governed platform issues A and B tokens and locks up USDN (the exchange stablecoin Neutrino Dollar), distributing them automatically among the winners after the end of the betting period.

The announcement added that the #CryptoCOVID19 campaign had already raised over US$100,000 [AU$166,158] in charity donations worldwide.

The original campaign was launched by The Giving Block and Gitcoin projects as a charity movement. Waves joined by donating 10,000 USDT and others including Brave Browser, Gemini Exchange, and NEXO have also contributed.

Several other COVID-19 based ventures have been launched by crypto projects as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe.

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