CRYPTO TREASURE HUNT: Is there a stash of Bitcoin Cash hidden near you?

CRYPTO TREASURE HUNT: Is there a stash of Bitcoin Cash hidden near you?

Bitcoin Cash supporters have hidden almost 300 wallets across six continents in a ‘buried treasure’ game to promote their favorite coin.

The wallets come in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Lithuanian, Swedish and Korean, and are hidden in public places on poles, near trees and in cabinets.

Some contain both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV – which is worth considerably more recently after surging more than $150.

Head to FindBitcoinCash to start your treasure hunt

On FindBitcoinCash, users can stash wallets with varying amounts of BCH and leave clues, coordinates, and photos to help others find them.

The Melbourne suburb of St Kilda is the best place in the world to find one, with 43 wallets still hidden in public just waiting to be uncovered.

There’s a BCH wallet right now at 108 Acland Street St Kilda hidden in or around the Readings bookshop bins.

There are several more hidden in around nearby Luna Park – one with the cryptic clue ‘for the fire brigade’ and a photo of what looks like a fire hose cabinet.

You can also grab free BCH hidden next to a tree in Rembrandstplein in Amsterdam or from a wallet hidden in a ‘little library’ in the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

The most recent cache was uncovered in a park in Maracaibo, Venezuela on Thursday.

There’s a Bitcoin Cash just lying around in this library in Louisville. What are you waiting for?

Where to find Bitcoin Cash in North America

North Americans have to move fast though because of the 120 or so BCH wallets that have been stashed on the continent, only 26 remain unclaimed.

There are still nine unclaimed wallets in Louisville, five in Toronto, and three each in Chicago and Los Angeles.

The site’s founder, who goes by the handle CreativeName4 (on Twitter he’s followed by a certain Roger Ver), explained the idea for the site came during BCH’s hard fork from Bitcoin and the initial funding was put up by the Bitcoin Cash Association.

“The goal for the website was really twofold – we wanted to give the Bitcoin Cash community a fun way to get outside, discover new places which searching for, or hiding treasures around the world,” he told Micky.

“On the other side of the coin, we also hope that non-crypto people might stumble upon these hidden wallets and begin to learn how fast, reliable and inexpensive it is to use Bitcoin Cash.”

Crash course in crypto

Each stash includes a “crash course” in crypto for newcomers who stumble upon them without knowing anything about BCH or wallets.

Unfortunately though, ‘non-crypto people’ don’t know much about crypto security, and keep posting photos with the QR code exposed which could allow it to be stolen.

Earlier this month a Bernie Sanders fan named @Mondiablue posted on Twitter that he’d found one of the wallets near the Pleasure Pier in Galveston Texas.

He included a pic of the QR code – but fortunately, it was blurry enough that no one could steal it.

CreativeName4 said that he has updated the wallet design recently to prevent this from occurring in future.

Bitcoin Cash
If you uncover a hidden stash, this is what you’ll find.

OK, you’re probably not going to get rich

The amounts hidden at present aren’t going to make anyone rich.

“Wallets have had anywhere from 0.01 BCH all the way up to over 0.1 BCH, sometimes even more.” (The one in Venezuela was 0.17 BCH).

“That’s the beauty, you never know what you’re going to find when you uncover a treasure. Maybe one day it’ll be a significant find for someone.”

“I must give a great amount of credit to the Bitcoin Cash community too, a lot of people have dug into their own pockets to get involved in the game by funding their own treasures and hiding them in their own cities.

“You’d find it quite exhilarating actually, waiting to see when that treasure gets claimed, if the person who finds it makes themselves known or not.”

Creative Name
The creatively named CreativeName.

The site was offline for some time last year “to deal with some coding issues” and came back online in March.

“The treasures that remain unclaimed from last year are all pre-forked treasures, meaning all of those hidden wallets will contain both BCH and BSV on them.”

“We are still in infancy, but expect that more and more treasures will start being hidden in more countries around the world.”

Head to FindBitcoinCash

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