Crypto Twitter: 4 reasons why Bitcoin will bounce back in 2019

Bitcoin 2019

Crypto never sleeps, nor does Crypto Twitter! So while you’ve been enjoying the festive season, you might have missed these four tweets outlining why you should be bullish on Bitcoin in 2019.

Ross Gerber – Trump

Ross Gerber is the Co-founder, President and CEO of LA-based Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management. He’s widely regarded as one of the world’s most influential wealth managers.

In a Christmas Eve tweet storm Gerber took aim at the Trump Administration over tanking stock prices, but suggested Trump could be “setting up a huge Bitcoin rally”.

“Trump might be setting up a huge Bitcoin rally. This is what it was made for… Just saying,” he tweeted.

“Haven’t sold mine (Bitcoin) not going too (sic).”

Joseph Lubin – FUD

The Canadian entrepreneur is best know as an Ethereum Co-founder and as the Founder of major Ethereum blockchain software developer ConsenSys.

Last week, Lubin made a big call – he called the crypto ‘bottom’ – suggesting market fear, uncertainty and doubt has seen cryptocurrencies become oversold.

“I am calling the cryptobottom of 2018,” Lubin tweeted,” to his 99,000 followers.

“This bottom is marked by an epic amount of fear, uncertainty and doubt from our friends in the 4th and crypto-5th estates.”

Tim Draper – Lightning Network

Influential Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Tim Draper, believes Bitcoin will hit US$250,000 by 2022 and he’s just made a big investment in the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Draper has invested US$1.25m into OpenNode, a Bitcoin payments processor that utilises the Lightning Network.

Draper announced in the tweet that he believes the technology will result in mass Bitcoin adoption.

“Finally!! Now you will be able to use Bitcoin to buy Starbucks,, Teslas, houses, etc. Fast transactions!” tweeted Draper.

Travis Kling – Traditional Assets

Earlier this year, Travis Kling left a major Wall Street asset management firm to launch crypto hedge fund, Ikigai.

In a December 22 tweet, Kling pointed out that Bitcoin has never existed during a time of such turbulence in tradition asset markets. So could 2019 see money flow from tradition assets to crypto? Kling believes the answer is yes.

“Crypto has never existed during a bear market in traditional assets. BTC was birthed at the very beginning of the largest monetary experiment ever- globally coordinated QE,” reads his tweet.

“There is a significant chance Crypto is the best performing asset class in 2019.”

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