Cryptonovae joins forces with TraderCobb enabling unparalleled trading knowledge absorbance


Here at Cryptonovae, we’re all about partnering up with those who strive to make a difference. In this sense, we are thrilled to announce that we are joining forces with TraderCobb, a trading academy renowned for setting educational trends, whilst enabling thousands of people to become the best cryptocurrency traders they can be. 

TraderCobb bridges the knowledge gap with industry-leading insights that are easily digestible and implementable. All courses cut through the nonsense narratives often pushed out by other providers, granting customers access to checklist-based trading rules, cheat sheets, platform tutorials, exemplifications, risk management tools, and of course, support and guidance from experienced mentors. Bulletproof strategies are actively being implemented at TraderCobb, a fact testified upon by a community of over 10K enthusiasts. 

Any TraderCobb graduate will learn critical and strategic thinking in a systematic manner, leading to the inception of well-adapted strategies to current market trends, and much-improved results. Learning is done at your own pace, so TraderCobb’s courses are easily fit into the hustle and bustle of modern life. With a tight-knit community at your service, participants are free to discuss strategies, trading tools, platforms, and emerging pairs worth looking into, all under the guidance of friendly mentors. 

As part of this partnership, TraderCobb will begin relying on Cryptonovae’s unique offerings, creating an unrivaled synergy between the two ecosystems. After all, there’s significant common ground at play here – both platforms’ users are keen on leveraging the best tools out there to make sophisticated trades that yield handsome profits. Success is a given as coursants start to make use of Cryptonovae’s turbocharged charting engine, multi-exchange support, and modular interface.

TraderCobb has proven incredibly supportive in Cryptonovae’s journey, providing guidance whenever needed. We believe that it is relationships like these that stay true to the crypto ethos of global inclusiveness, facilitating ongoing achievements for everyone involved.  

To learn more about how CryptoNovae and TraderCobb are reshaping industry standards, do check out the social channels. 

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