‘Crysis Remastered’ gets delayed after fans upset on leaked trailer

Crysis Remastered summer release

Tons of reports are coming in this week that Crysis Remastered will push back its release date due to cries from the public.

Last April, Crytek announced Crysis Remastered coming out to PC and consoles. However, it looks like fans may have to wait a bit longer, as this Crytek title is receiving a lot of cries from its fans.

The game trailer leak from YouTube user EvilBoris has received over 1,000 dislikes, as of this writing. A YouTube user also topped the comments section saying that it “looks like original Crysis but with the lowest settings.”

In addition, other videos comparing the Nintendo Switch footage to the PC have also been popping out all over the Internet expressing emphasis that they were expecting more from Cryengine.

Crysis team confirms leaks, re-schedules release

Acknowledging the game trailer leak circulating around the Internet, the Crysis team gave a statement via Twitter deciding to move the release after receiving a lot of mixed reactions from its fans, which are mostly bad.

The features that the fans have been waiting for has already been deployed. In addition, the team is also taking their precious time in polishing the game. In their statement they said to the fans:

“The extra time until release will allow us to get Crysis Remastered up to the PC-and-console breaking standard you’ve come to expect from Crysis games.”

Exploring the announcement thread, some fans debated between a modern remake of the game and improving their remastered version nearing its final stages of development.

Veteran players have been wanting a multiplayer revival for Crysis so it can go at par with other existing shooters.

This isn’t the first time that a game remasters or any game-inspired movie was criticized. Going back to the first live-action trailer of Sonic: The Hedgehog, fans quickly noticed something off about Sonic’s character model that the director moved its release date to polish the hedgehog’s appearance.

Last month, Crytek also received some flak from their followers over the game company’s approach of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement with this Twitter hashtag.

Crysis Remastered pre-orders placed on hold at the moment

In a report from VG24/7, they witnessed Crysis Remastered availability in the Microsoft store. It was found out later that Microsoft has removed the shop listing, as of this writing.

As for the Nintendo Switch listing, fans can still see it through the link provided from a tweet from Nibel.

Crysis fans may want to check out these game alternatives first while they wait for the new official release date.

Featured image courtesy of Crysis/Electronic Arts 

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