Crystal Dynamics joins Animal Crossing with ‘ACNH Tomb Raider QR Codes’ giveaway

Snapshot of 'ACNH Tomb Raider QR Codes' actual application

Animal Crossing New Horizons’ popularity literally knows no bounds. Aside from the sales that made it easily one of Switch’s best-selling titles, it also attracts attention from various brands. Just now, it seems Crystal Dynamics became its latest victim when it released Tomb Raider QR Codes for everyone to enjoy.

Fans of Lara Croft would know already what to expect with the costumes. But whether it is an issue of costume coloration or skin tones, Crystal Dynamics make the outfits wearable for all.

Spirit of Adventure

The first set of costume first appeared on Tomb Raider’s official Tumblr page. This was soon followed by another array of outfits that were eventually released on Tomb Raider’s official Twitter account.

If interested in cosplaying like Lara Croft on New Horizons, a handful of variance is found under creator ID MA-5858-0335-8877.

Do note that, being QR Codes, the shared costumes do not just work with New Horizons, but also in New Leaf as well. This means that players who have not made to the Switch just yet will still experience the same aesthetics on their 3DSes.

Beauty in Simplicity

But if you’re feeling trendy and not just adventurous as to don Lara’s outfits, Marc Jacobs and Valentino joined in the fun, too.

Created uniquely for each gender, the costumes provided is somewhat reminiscent of turnips, based on a color scheme. A perfect opportunity to both stylish and rich as you reap those bells as you sell tons of turnips—an impeccable combination to kickstart a moneymaking empire in-game.

Creative Freedom

To the uninitiated, the Animal Crossing franchise is popular for letting players explore their creativity through various designs. In New Horizons, specifically, this involves making costumes that anyone can wear at any time.

Since the game launched, there had been countless costumes created, mostly by fans. Whether its anime or other video game IPs, many have seen renditions in New Horizons. Seeing a company like Crystal Dynamics, Marc Jacobs, and Valentino are, therefore, something uncommon in the game.

But even other kinds of enterprises seem to notice New Horizon’s potential for marketing. In a previous article, we saw a certain Hong Kong company hiring experienced Animal Crossing players to build and promote their business in-game.

As it appears, Animal Crossing New Horizons is not only a chill game that appeals to everybody. It also created a whole new platform that many leverages for business as well.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Tomb Raider

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