Crystal Dynamics sheds light on how cosmetics, currency work in ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

Marvel's Avengers costume display snapshot

Originally announced in 2019 as a title that is bound for free future updates, Crystal Dynamics appears committed to its claim, promising later contents without costing players any additional penny.

In a blog, the developers explain the elements involved and how certain things piece together with the game’s microtransactions.

The blog sets its premise with the upcoming hero, Hawkeye, whom it claims will have gameplay elements revolving around him, which meant having his own in-depth story, villains, and specific customizations that make him unique from the other superheroes.

Real Money Transactions

While the developers claim that much of the good things in the game is unlockable by just playing, they don’t rule out microtransactions. But Crystal Dynamics guarantee that purchases that involve real money will be exclusive only to aesthetic items—citing its importance in keeping the game’s freshness for longer.

That’s meaning to say, players who are willing to spend real-life cash will not get any more advantage than having new looks. This also means to suggest that, true to the developer’s word, the game is playable without choosing to spend hard-earned cash.

Players who would choose to shell out some cash for micro-transactions, however, will see their currency converted to Credits. Credit packs come as cheap as $5, which gives 500 credit points. But higher credit packs, such as the 10,000 bonus points, offer bonuses.


Going further into the discourse, the blog tackles subtopics, including cosmetics and vendors, in all their forms.

One aspect of the cosmetics points to outfits that give each respective hero their unique appearances. This is the same kind of stuff that willing players can spend money on via microtransactions.

Another aspect of the cosmetic is the emote, which grants heroes the ability to express themselves at the player’s instruction.

Takedowns make for another component of cosmetics, which displays each superhero’s signature moves in combat.

The nameplate is yet another cosmetic element in the game, which gives users a unique template for displaying stats.


The topic of Marvel’s Avengers‘ items is not complete without also talking about the vendors. Essentially the gateway to many of the game’s vast list of items, vendors are subdivided into categories, narrowing down options to specific kinds.

Gear vendors are an extremely important part of the game. As the source of items that influence each hero’s stats, it takes an extreme player to overlook the presence of these NPCs. The items in a gear vendor’s inventory, however, is never constant as it sees rotation daily and weekly.

Cosmetic vendors also make for an essential aspect of the game for their inventory of trivial, but pleasing stuff, such as skins and emotes. Like their “gear” counterparts, cosmetic merchants have a rotating list of inventories that changes every day or every week.

Image used courtesy of MKIceAndFire/YouTube Screenshot

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