Cthulhu joins ‘Smite’ as part of The Great Dreamer update

The legendary creature, Cthulhu, is officially coming to Smite. Alongside the hero launch are other adjustments to improve the game further.

A time of chaos and madness has spread within the world of Smite. Cthulhu, an immortal creature of pure cosmic horror, has been released from its watery prison to wreak havoc across the world.

The monster is Smite’s 110th playable character in the free to play multiplayer online battle arena game. According to Hi-Rez Studios, Smite’s developers, Cthulhu is the game’s most awaited character ever.

Called as The Great Dreamer in Smite, the new character was first unveiled in a cinematic trailer released last May. Cthulhu has an aggressive playstyle and has attacks that can conjure Insanity.


Prey on Fear

His passive ability will stack Torment on opposing enemy characters while also causing Insanity. The effect stacks when Cthulhu casts his abilities or at the last hit of a basic attack combo.

He also acquires additional magic power when near an enemy induced with Insanity.

Sanity Break

This skill summons an enormous energy blast, which affects all enemies in the area and slows their attack speed. Enemies hit by the blast will also have reduced damage to attacks directed to Cthulhu for six seconds.

The Mire

The mire allows Cthulhu users to make a portal that slows enemy units down. The portal also fires a couple of corrupted energy within the area. This causes additional damage and will slow enemies further.

Rushing Terror

Rushing Terror is Cthulhu’s ability, which can give him the advantage when initiating or fleeing the scene of combat. The skill creates a couple of missiles on either side of Cthulhu as it dashes forward.

The skill damages stun and knockback enemies hit by it. Each hit will also apply a stack of Torment.

Descend into Madness

The ultimate skill of Cthulhu exposes its true horrific form. When cast, it damages all nearby enemies gives the creature additional health and access to destructive new abilities.

Enemies hit will gain multiple stacks of Torment and applies a debuff called Sanity Break. Sever, Devastate, and Transfuse will replace Cthulu’s main abilities while it is in the ultimate form.

Sever and Devastate will deal huge damage by spitting out mysterious energy and missiles. Besides, Transfuse serves as Cthulu’s main healing ability. Transfuse sacrifices Cthulhu’s life force to provide a buff to his Smite teammates while debuffing all nearby enemies.

Featured image courtesy of Smite/YouTube Screenshot

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