‘Cuphead’ is now made available for the PlayStation 4

Cuphead is now made available for the PlayStation 4

Cuphead is now available in the PlayStation 4 store. A little leak happened recently. But finally, it is now confirmed.

PlayStation 4 players may now rejoice as Cuphead joins the game’s catalog. Sony has launched the game today alongside a new creepy trailer.

The game is available on the PlayStation Store for US$19.99[AU$27.89].

Today is not just for PS4 players. Xbox One players will receive a free update on their copies. However, there is no definite release of the update yet.

The update includes a digital art gallery, playable game soundtrack, and behind-the-scenes commentary features.

PlayStation Store blunder leaked the release

The blunder was discovered by Wario64 on Twitter earlier. Cuphead suddenly appeared in the digital shop. However, the store quickly deleted the title card. This slip off happened before the official Sony release.

Besides the slip off, Geof Keighley tweeted that an update from an Indie studio will arrive soon. The game journalist mentioned that it would be part of the #SummerGameFest, further confirming the game’s arrival.

Cuphead: What makes it great?

This game is one of the best titles released during the year that it came out. It has been three years since its release, but it still has a lot of charm.

There are several reasons why a lot of people love Cuphead. The first one is the cartoon-like art style that is nostalgic. It is drawn similar to the 80s and 90s cartoons.

Another reason is its gameplay. Cuphead revolves around a lot of boss fights, and it is difficult. The easiest settings may still take a lot of hours to finish.

The run-and-gun levels are another point of interest. It adds to the overall difficulty of the game.

Cuphead is also available on other platforms

However, it is hard in the sense that it makes the player not wanting more. The game is made to evoke the feeling of fulfillment for every level done. If there is a difficulty rating for this game, then it is probably an 8/10.

If the levels are too difficult, Cuphead offers a multiplayer option. This makes it a great family couch co-op game. Couples will also enjoy the game. Just make it clear that there will be no relationships ruined while playing.

Is it worth getting?

With all the challenges surrounding the game, it is not for everyone. The game has been out for three years now—those who are eager to play this on the PS4 need to evaluate their gaming skills.

This game is also a double-edged sword. For the seasoned gamer, Cuphead is one of the best titles out there.

But for someone who is just starting to game, it is not the best option. The early levels get frustrating at times, which makes it hard to come back for more.

That being said, restarting a level happens in an instant. The platforms are short as well, so trying over and over again is not that tiresome.

Just practice the game and getting the hang of it is the secret to finishing the game.

Cuphead is also available on Windows, macOS, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Prices vary for each platform.

Images (1) (2) courtesy of Cuphead/Nintendo

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