‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Chinese team shows scope of the game


Cyberpunk 2077’s world will be huge, and the Chinese localization team knows. In a recent post, an industry pundit teased about the size of the title.

A behind-the-scenes look at the Chinese localization team shows an insight into the game’s scope. While there’s no reveal about Cyberpunk 2077 and its actual disc size, statistics show it off. The sneak peek included surprising numbers that will make fans salivate.

Reports say CP2077 has 20% more VA work than Witcher 3

Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, showed off the game’s scope in a post. The Chinese localization team is recording more lines for the game, which will come out on November 19.

“Some pictures from the Cyberpunk 2077 Chinese localisation recording sessions. The dubbing is in Mandarin Chinese,” said Ahmad. “More than 150 voice actors, 100,000 lines, 4 recording studios + 10,000 person hours. The VA work is 15-20% more than Witcher 3 (incl DLC).”

These statistics are empty as they are, but they offer insight on what to expect. For example, Fallout New Vegas has as many as 65,000 lines. While Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has as many as 450,000 lines, the Chinese language tends to be denser.

If the VA work for CP2077 is almost 20% more than Witcher 3, that is something. An additional 90,000 lines of dialogue means a livelier world. There will also be more choices for every scenario, which gives more ways to go through the story.


Players should also consider that this is in a dense cityscape. Night City is a whole world of crime, similar to Batman’s Gotham City. While CP2077’s world can be geographically smaller, it can be more content-heavy in scale.

Cyberpunk will get 10 languages, eight more as subtitles

Cyberpunk 2077 will be massive in scale, and fans are excited about it. Even then, CP2077 won’t get an official Chinese release. Instead, the game will come through Steam China.

The game has a significant following in China, and the studio even has an awesome rep there. Chinese pre-orders topped the market for CD Projekt Red’s title. CDPR’s Bilibili channel, which is the Chinese analog to Youtube and Twitch, is even double in size.

“Here is something fairly notable. CDPR has 228k Youtube subs and 281k Twitch followers. Yet it has 568k followers on Chinese video site Bilibili which can be considered a Chinese ver. of Youtube/Twitch. CDPR has a good reputation in China and is a well-respected dev.”

Cyberpunk 2077 will launch in November with up to 10 different languages. An additional eight languages will come via subtitles too. Fans can expect more information in the upcoming Night City Wire next week, September 18.

Images courtesy of Cyberpunk 2077/Youtube Screenshot

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