‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is back on the PS Store with a warning for PS4 users


Cyberpunk 2077 is finally coming back to the Playstation Store, but it seems Sony is strongly suggesting that PS4 players should not buy the game.

With the new fixes for the game, Cyberpunk 2077 is now out again on the Playstation Store. Even then, Sony is still advising against its purchase for the PS4. This comes six months after the game got the boot from Sony’s storefront.

CP2077 won’t work well for PS4

Six months after being pulled, a new warning is out on Cyberpunk’s page. While the game is for sale yet again, Sony is distancing itself from any problems in the title. Considering the company hates doing refunds, it’s hard to fault them for adding the warning.

“Users continue to experience performance issues with this game. Purchase for use on PS4 systems is not recommended. For the best Cyberpunk experience on PlayStation, play on PS4 Pro and PS5 systems,” said the game and legal info for the product page.

In the same vein, the official CP2077 twitter also underscores the work they are doing. They issue a nearly similar warning to players, albeit in a better light.

“Cyberpunk2077 is now back on the PlayStation Store,” said the tweet. “You can play the game on PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5. Additionally, a free next gen upgrade will be available for all owners of the PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077 in the second half of 2021.

“Users may continue to experience some performance issues with the PS4 edition while we continue to improve stability across all platforms. The PS4 Pro and PS5 versions of the game will provide the best experience on PlayStation.”

Cyberpunk removal from PS Store clocks at 6 months

As Cyberpunk 2077 shipped incomplete, many became wary of what should have been a Game of the Year candidate. The game is one of the worst AAA launches out there and became a cautionary tale among devs.

Even Microsoft stuck a warning in the game’s product description to forewarn would-be buyers.

“Users may experience performance issues when playing this game on Xbox One consoles until this game is updated,” notes the game’s product description.

Sony pulled out CP2077 from their stores since December 17, 2020. This came from the game’s bugs and optimization issues that made it unplayable on consoles. The game even performed worse in previous-gen consoles, including the PS4 and Xbox One.

At the time, CD Projekt Red promised to keep improving the game with patches. Cyberpunk 2077 had several updates, including a patch that fixed 500 different issues in March. The game is still receiving several patches to make it a little more playable.

Featured image courtesy of Cyberpunk 2077/Youtube Screenshot

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