‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is bound for free DLC: CD Projekt Red

'Cyberpunk 2077' latest video snapshot

The need to surpass The Witcher 3’s success has always posed a challenge for CD Projekt Red. Coming up with a decision to make a game out of Cyberpunk 2077 has made the idea even more challenging. However, if there is anything that its latest brainchild is ever going to be, it’s likely that it would be substantially bigger than its older sibling. Possibly, helped in part by the subsequent installment of DLCs, including free ones, which the company confirms via a tweet.

In a short exchange of messages beginning from user @NachoFireX asking whether the game will have free DLC, the company responded with a gif. The animated image being a clear confirmation that there is indeed a free DLC coming for the game. It being the Kool-Aid Man stating the short but sweet, “Ohhh yeaahh!”

Paid DLCs a Possibility Still

Bear in mind, however, that while CDPR gave a direct answer to the question, it does not necessarily mean that paid DLC is out of the picture. It only means that the developers have plans of releasing future contents with the game that does not require further spending. Which is also something we have seen previously with The Witcher 3, on top of the paid DLCs.

Even if CDPR were to charge for additional content, such as what it did with the aforementioned game, it’s likely inexpensive. The idea of which that partly made it well-respected in the industry. Especially by the gamers who get more value for the money they pay for in those affordable expansive contents.

The comparison with The Witcher 3 is kind of an inevitability due to its status as CDPR’s trophy. The very same game that propelled it to massive success, which has been a benchmark to it ever since.

Free Downloadable Contents

But as far as free contents go, they are often just added embellishments to the game that adds fuel to player interest. Furthermore, they are not nearly in the same magnitude as a paid DLC. Unless the free DLC introduces a new feature to the game, often they are just a good to have and some are even optional.

In the context of Cyberpunk 2077, though, it is likely that the free contents we will get will be in the form of cosmetics or additional quests. Elements that, while may be trivial, have a way of influencing players to be more engaged in the game, albeit for a while.

Image used courtesy of WildGamerSK/YouTube Screenshot

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