‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is getting review bombed following a buggy, semi-unsatisfactory launch

Cyberpunk 2077 official trailer snapshot

A day after the game’s official release date, CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 is getting many unfavorable reviews on Metacritic.

Amidst a staggeringly positive launch after gaining favors from both critics and hyped fans, Cyberpunk 2077 is getting some hate, resulting in numerous users leaving negative reviews of the game, especially the console version. The event comes after review aggregator Metacritic effectively lifts the system that prevents any game from getting review bombed on the launch date.

Toned down quality

Much of the hate boils down to the console release due to its comparatively underwhelming quality than the PC version. Which, to its own ridicule, is described by many as having the characteristics of a “Nintendo Switch” port. Obviously, lacking certain visual aesthetics seen in the superior PC version.

With the next-gen version still won’t be playable until next-year, PS5 or Xbox Series X/S owners are faced with a game that’s only backwards-compatible, essentially, experiencing a PS4 or Xbox One title, but on more modern hardware. Therefore, also providing a lamer comparison when it comes to the PC version, especially that which rocks the game on max setting.

Aside from the poor visual fidelity, the console version is also a buggy mess. Although some of its glitches can easily be ignored, others are simply too disruptive to be okay about, specifically, the kind that breaks the game, some of which with consistency, especially on the “non-Pro” PS4.

Being the weaker hardware than PC, playing CDPR’s latest project title is prone to performance issues as well. In spite of already water-washed graphics, the game tends to suffer from an inconsistent framerate.

Looking into Metacritic, it appears that the PS4 version got the worst reviews. That is, garnering an aggregate score of 1.9 by more than a thousand users. The Xbox One version fairs a slightly better review at 2.3. However, that’s coming from a significantly smaller number of reviewers.

Mixed reception

While most praised for its PC release by critics, even the computer version of Cyberpunk 2077 did not escape harsh criticism. Coming from users who are expecting a flawless launch, one of the major complaints boils down to the game’s existing bugs. Some of which are found to be game-breaking, substantially hampering the level of involvement with the game.

Another issue lies in the game’s performance. In particular, an unstable framerate during dense scenarios, which might seem too obvious to overlook.

Consequently, the PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 gets a mixed review of 6.1 from users on opposite camps.

Image used courtesy of Cyberpunk 2077/YouTube Screenshot

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