‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is still far from its return to Sony’s PS Store

It seems like Cyberpunk 2077 will have to wait longer to see itself back on Sony’s PlayStation Store, as per the new reports.

Sony had removed CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 from its PS Store five months ago due to faulty gameplay and a controversial launch.

When is ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ coming back on PS Store?

According to new data, devs at CD Projekt RED are still in talks with Sony over the game’s return to PS Store.

The company removed the open-world, sci-fi title from the store just ten days after its exciting yet disastrous launch, back in December.

CDPR’s CEO Adam Kiciński recently commented on the situation. In a shareholder meeting, he said that it’d not resolved yet.

“We are still in discussions, and with every patch, the game gets better, and there is a visible progress, but as we said, the decision is an exclusive decision of Sony,” Kiciński said.

Furthermore, he also stated that the team is waiting for the information about bringing back the game to the PS Store.

The current scenario, however, is interesting to look at. Because just a few months ago, CDPR said that Cyberpunk 2077 was “closer” to return a PlayStation Store return.

And it’s still positive on its stance despite no actual result.

But again, the final call is Sony’s. It will entirely depend on its decision if it wants to add the game back to the store or not.

Maybe the company is just monitoring the situation at the moment to make up its mind.

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What’s next for CDPR’s hyped release of 2020?

Speaking of the current performance and overall impression of the open-world title, it has undoubtedly improved.

Still, there’s a lot of room left for further modifications if CDPR wants it to make a masterpiece like The Witcher 3.

Also, it’s been a long time now since the release of the major Cyberpunk 2077 patch.

However, it has got many things going for it right now when it comes to DLCs. They will prove worthy when they arrive in the future.

Because in an open-world game like CP77, any extra content always attracts the players.

Developers already announced that Panam-based downloadable content would make its way soon. On the other hand, those who like the game are also hoping for dedicated DLCs for Judy and Jackie.

What are your thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077? Have you played it already?

And if you have, do you think it has become a better version of its original self?

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