‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Night City map leaked ahead of release


The overhead map for Cyberpunk 2077 has leaked online a month before release. The bonus content for the game showed up, revealing the sheer size of Night City.

In a leak on the r/gameleaksandrumours subreddit, user ArtisticTap4 posted the physical map. The map, together with postcards, are bonuses for the physical collection of Cyberpunk 2077. The map, however, is not representative of scale.

Night City will have six districts

Taking from the leaks, Night City will have six primary focus districts. These are the City Center, Watson, Westbrook, Heywood, Santo Domingo, and Pacifica. There are also smaller areas that players can explore, together with unnamed locales.

Official Cyberpunk 2077 physical map and postcard set

The map shows off the biggest highways and thoroughfares for the game. There’s so much to explore, with hundreds of miles connecting the different areas. While the map shows Night City seem smaller, the devil is in the details.

The entire Night City area looks to take a much smaller space than Witcher 3. Geralt is known to traverse entire countries and the continent for his work. Even then, Night City will have more to offer.

CD Projekt Red already noted that CP2077 would rely on verticality more than sheer size. While the Witcher 3 continent has an immense landmass, most of it is empty fields and forests. It has a ton of dirt roads with the occasional village on the way.

Night City will have skyscrapers that will act as entire towns. For example, Corpo Plaza is a gigantic roundabout on the demo but looks like a small blip on the map. This comparison shows the sheer scale that the game will have.

Leaked postcards likely show central locations to lifepaths

The leaks for Cyberpunk 2077 also include three postcards that show life in Night City. These include postcards of Pacifica, JapanTown, and El Coyote Cojo. These offer some of the crucial places for the player’s lifepaths.

Pacifica was a failed resort and amusement park near the southern area of Night City. In-game, it’s anarchic, filled with outlaws and gangs. It will likely be central to the Nomad and Street Kid lifepath of the game.

JapanTown is a sub-district in Westbrook and one of the most touristy places in Night City. It’s full of restaurants, businesses, and pedestrians moving around. It will likely be a point of interest during the Corpo lifepath.

El Coyote Cojo is one of the more well-known bars in Night City. It is prominently shown in many of the game trailers and will be central to the Streetkid lifepath.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a month out, and players can’t wait. The game went gold yesterday, which means there’s no reason for it to delay.

Featured image courtesy of Cyberpunk 2077/Youtube Screenshot

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