‘Cyberpunk 2077’ suffers from an irrecoverable, saved file-corrupting glitch

Cyberpunk 2077 corrupted saved file

Adding to a pile of issues that plague Cyberpunk 2077, a new bug was discovered that causes affected users to have an irrecoverable saved file.

The glitch seems to particularly impact users who have too many items and crafting materials in their inventory. Putting players who have the habit of picking up everything susceptible to getting an unsalvageable saved file along the way.

In addition, Redditor i-keep-it-100 claims that saved files that cross the 8Mb mark tend to corrupt. A case which ties with the act of crafting too many items for in-game cash.

For a game that partly involves picking stuff from the wild, suggesting a limited stockpile would be a difficult proposition to players. One, if not addressed soon enough, could see the user base reduced for later. Or, in the worst-case scenario, push for a final decision to ask for a refund.

Temporary fixes

With the issue yet to be addressed, the moderators at the GOG forum have a few suggestions. One is to keep players’ inventory with plenty of space or reduce their attempts at crafting too many items for money. Another is to make a frequent backup of their progress. That is, to make a copy of the folder that contains their saved data elsewhere in the computer. Ideally, doing so every often.

The first option is obvious heed to the user who was meticulous in finding the cause of the issue, which is indeed given weight because of the community not knowing any better. The second option is for players to have a recovery point should a serious glitch arise. Essentially, a safety net.

Although a seemingly plausible solution, the problem could remain an inconvenience, especially to those who don’t routinely make a backup. Which could mean potentially losing hours and hours of progress as a result of the bug having randomly kicked in.

Future updates

Still in its glitchy state after a few major fixes, CDPR has promised future updates to the game. One slated for release as early as January next year and another a month later in February. With the save corrupting glitch identified, it is likely that the fix will come in one of those updates, if not sooner.

However, nothing is set in stone just yet. In light of the issue, CD Projekt Red has still yet to put a word to it.

Image used courtesy of GOG/YouTube Screenshot

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