‘Cyberpunk 2077’ won’t be 200GB, says CD Projekt Red


Cyberpunk 2077 won’t take up 200GB, according to CD Projekt Red. Amidst fears of games having extreme sizes, the studio allays fears about prohibitive HDD sizes.

CDPR Community lead Marcin Momot announced on Twitter that Cyberpunk 2077 wouldn’t reach 200GB in size. He notes that the title will “be on par with other modern titles.” Momot also notes that the system requirements for the much-awaited title are coming soon.

AAA titles now have ridiculous HDD space requirements

During Nvidia’s recent RTX 30 Series announcement, among the areas they mentioned is the growing HDD sizes for games. The micro trend has become an annoying area across AAA titles. Prohibitive next-gen title sizes are becoming a pain.


Among the titles that come to mind include Call of Duty’s 200GB install size. Microsoft Flight Simulator has a base install of 110GB, and more content is coming. Players are scared that CP2077 will have the same problem.

It doesn’t help that among the examples Nvidia used during the presentation was CP2077. This bit of information didn’t pass over the people on Reddit. Speculations about the next-gen game spurred discussion that the game will be a slog.

Even then, the devs at CD Projekt Red are saying that won’t be the case. They reassured players that the game wouldn’t be 200GB. Momot notes that the game will be up to par with modern titles.

“While the @CyberpunkGame system requirements are not out yet (they are coming soon, though!), I wanted to address this topic from Reddit,” Momot says. “The game won’t take up 200GB when installed. You can expect the required HDD space to be on par with other modern titles.”

CP2077 has the license to go big

The talk of Cyberpunk 2077 being “on par with other modern titles” is a stretch. The average modern game is anywhere between 25GB to 100+GB. Depending on the art assets and size of the world, CP2077 will at least cover 100GB.

For example, Control: Ultimate Edition goes at around 43GB after installation. Horizon: Zero Dawn for PC goes as high as 71GB after installation. Even then, these games don’t have as broad a scope as CP2077.

Even then, among the next-gen titles on the way, CP2077 has an excellent reason to be massive. Compared to FPS games like Call of Duty, RPGs like Cyberpunk have a license to be bulky. They carry a vast world, NPCs, expansive environments, and more.

It’s good news to learn Cyberpunk 2077 will be smaller than 200GB. How big it is and what kind of specs it’s going to take are questions people want to know. It’s a next-gen game, so players expect next-gen specifications.

Images courtesy of Nvidia GeForce/YouTube Screenshot

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