Cyberpunk title ‘Ghostrunner’ coming out October 27


The Cyberpunk assassination game Ghostrunner has now received a release date. The hyper-futuristic RPG will come out on October 27.

Ghostrunner is a superb title, bringing all the delicious cyber-ninja action across various platforms. The game will come to Xbox, Playstation, Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG at the end of October. Ghost will also have a demo available on September 29.

GR is Dishonored on steroids

GR has become a beautiful product coming from an unholy alliance of sorts. The game comes from a collab between One More Level, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks. It’s fast and intense, offering a ton of mobility and movement.

Ghost plays like Dishonored on steroids, inside a cyberpunk dystopia. Players have a katana, Jedi-like mind tricks, and ways to wall run and slow time. The one-hit one-kill mechanics is super responsive, and it offers a lot of fun moments.

“One-hit one-kill mechanics make combat fast and intense. Use your superior mobility (and frequent checkpoints!) to engage in a never-ending dance with death fearlessly,” says the official Steam page.

“Ghostrunner offers a unique single-player experience: fast-paced, violent combat, and an original setting that blends science fiction with post-apocalyptic themes. It tells the story of a world that has already ended and its inhabitants who fight to survive.”

The game is exciting and well-polished, with a Dark Souls-esque learning curve. Players would feel a ton of frustration at first, but once they get the groove, GR should be easy peasy.

GR can coexist with Cyberpunk 2077

Ghostrunner is a superb upcoming title enough to slake players’ thirst for Cyberpunk 2077. Since the CD Projekt Red title delayed to November 19, GR will fill the gap. It’s all-action all day, and it should give a good taste of next-gen hack and slash.

GR devs also released the game’s official PAX 2020 trailer. It gives a ton of insight on what fans can expect on day one, which is more of what everyone knows. Players can taste the lightning-fast swordplay combined with some of the sickest drop-down kills out there.

Gamers see the in-game Dharma Tower in all its internal glory. The game seems to target hardcore players who like such levels of action. It’s not a title for everyone’s taste, which means it can live beside CP2077 in the future.

Players can pre-order Ghostrunner on Steam at the moment. They can also sign up for the beta on the official GR Discord channel. The game’s demo should give testers a taste of things to come from this potentially genre-defining title.

Featured image courtesy of 505 Games/Youtube Screenshot

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