Cybersecurity provider Norton to allow its users to mine cryptocurrencies

Cybersecurity giant NortonLifeLock announced its launch of Norton Crypto that will allow consumers to safely mine cryptocurrency through its Norton 360 product.

In line with this matter, starting June 3 selected 360 users will be invited to take part in the early adopter program for Ethereum mining. The company is also planning to offer its nascent mining services to all of its almost 13 million customers in the coming months.

To address some worries of their customers, Norton clarified their users will be allowed to mine without switching off their antivirus software, risking the security of their system. “While the company will start slow, with a focus on helping customers safely mine ethereum, NortonLifeLock is considering adding reputable cryptocurrencies in the future,” the company said, according to CNN Business.

Taking pride in the innovation

Chief Product Officer Vincent Pilette said they take pride in becoming the first cybersecurity company that will offer services allowing miners “to safely and easily turn the idle time on their PCs into an opportunity to earn digital currency.”

Norton is also claiming to offer superior security features than existing mining protocols. It said that for years, coin miners have had to take risks in their quest to produce cryptocurrency as they disable their security in order to run the process, allowing malicious codes to wreak havoc on hardware.

Such codes can be used for skimming the earnings of the customers or even for planting devastating ransomware.

Keeping earnings safe

With regards to earnings, Norton found a way to mitigate potential risks through its cloud-based wallet, preventing potential loss in case of hard drive failure.

Meanwhile, some experts say the company’s claim that existing mining solutions are not vetted appears to be flawed, with popular mining software Ethminer having received contributions from 99 different developers since December 2013.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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