Daisy Coleman of Netflix’s ‘Audrie and Daisy’ dies at 23

Daisy Coleman

Daisy Coleman, the star of Netflix’s documentary Audrie and Daisy, passed away at the age of 23. Her mother confirmed that she died by suicide.

Daisy Coleman was found dead after her mother, Melinda Coleman, asked the authorities to conduct a welfare check on her daughter. It was not mentioned how the 23-year-old ended her life.

The announcement of Daisy’s death

On Aug. 5 via Facebook, Melinda let the public know about the death of her daughter. She also admitted that Daisy took her own life.

“My daughter Catherine Daisy Coleman committed suicide tonight,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “If you saw crazy messages and posts it was because I called the police to check on her.”

She added, “She was my best friend and amazing daughter. I think she had to make it seem like I could live without her. I can’t.”

Melinda went on to say that she wished she could have taken away the pain from her daughter. She revealed that Daisy never recovered from the sexual assault that she had to endure at a young age.

Who is Daisy Coleman?

Daisy is a sexual assault survivor, and her story was featured in a documentary that was produced by Netflix.

She was also a model and advocate who co-founded the SafeBAE (Before Anyone Else). This non-profit organization aims to stop sexual assaults among students and helps survivors as well.

The group released a statement for Daisy Coleman’s passing. Her friends shared how she fought hard to recover from her awful experience as a sex abuse survivor.

“Through our shock and sadness, we are releasing a statement about our loss of Daisy,” SafeBAE wrote.

“She had many coping demons and had been facing and overcoming them all, but healing is not a straight path or an easy one.”

The organization stated that Daisy has been fighting hard for a long time. Her pain must have been too overwhelming for her to bear; thus this happened.

About Netflix’s Audrie and Daisy documentary

The Peabody-winning documentary that featured the horrific sexual assault story of Daisy Coleman and Audrie Pott was released in 2016.

In the Audrie and Daisy film, she recounted how she was raped at a party when she was just 14. She accused the 17-year-old Matthew Barnett of abusing her in 2012.

Daisy Coleman’s family had to move out of Maryland when her ordeal was reported in the news. Barnett was not punished as well as the case was dropped, and her family thinks this happened due to her abuser’s political connections.

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