Dal Shabet’s Subin got into a car accident: Report

Dal Shabet’s Subin got no significant injuries after being involved in a car accident amid plans to resume TV activities.

On November 17, a car accident happened and involved Dal Shabet’s Subin, also known as Dalsooobin.

On the same day of the happening, Subin’s agency officials stated that the singer got into a four-car collision in the Yeonpung tunnel at the Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway.

No major injuries reported

The agency took Subin to a nearby hospital, and currently receiving treatment. The agency also confirmed that she did not have life-threatening injuries.

Subin recently finished a filming session outside of Seoul, and she was returning to the city. On her way home to film MBN’s Miss Back, unfortunately, she got into a car accident. The police are still investigating the details of the said accident.

Furthermore, the agency stated that they were considering the health and stability of Subin as it was their utmost priority. They were also planning to adjust her schedule to give her time to rest.

So, they ask for understanding as her schedules may change on short notice, depending on the test results.

Meanwhile, the agency also shared an update regarding her scheduled activities. Although the artist expressed her desire to return to promotions immediately, the agency has decided.

She will be continuing her activities planned according to the doctor’s opinion and the artist’s health.

Over the investigation

Moreover, according to the police investigation, the car in front of her stepped on the breaks suddenly that caused her vehicle to slow down.

The two cars following her from behind ended up crashing into her vehicle.

Her agency also shared that Subin received treatment, including a CT Scan in a local hospital. A fortunate event for her that she was wearing a seatbelt, which helped her avoid significant injuries.


Image courtesy of SUPER SOUND Bugs!/YouTube Screenshot

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