Damian Lillard leaves the NBA bubble for knee

Damian Lillard leaves the NBA bubble for knee

Damian Lillard reportedly left the NBA bubble to have his knee strain checked back in Portland.

The NBA is in a standstill. It remains to be seen what progress will happen following the boycott conducted by the Milwaukee Bucks today. Nevertheless, players expect something good should come out of it. They want accountability from the players, the team owners, and the government.

One of the games that were boycotted today was the match between the Blazers and the Lakers. In their case, the Blazers are only one game away from elimination. After a Game 1 upset, the Blazers failed to do an encore of their win. As a result, their backs are against the wall.

Their situation is worth mentioning now after the turnout of Game 4. They were handed a beating by the Los Angeles Lakers. Also, Lillard wasn’t able to finish the game with a left knee strain.

Damian Lillard leaves the NBA bubble

Amid the turmoil on racial injustice, Damian Lillard took the opportunity to leave the NBA bubble to have his knee checked. The Blazers announced his departure but didn’t mention whether it had to do with the boycotts. There is no guarantee when the games inside the bubble will resume.

There is not even an assurance if it will still resume. The games tomorrow are expected to be canceled for a later date. Anything further than that will depend on the meeting of the board of governors early tomorrow morning.

As for Lillard, if the games resume, the Blazers will hope for a positive outcome of his checkup. Upon returning inside the bubble, Lillard will have to undergo a four-day quarantine before being able to join his team back on the court. By then, the Blazers hope to at least win a game or two to extend the series.

Lebron and Kawhi vocal about the situation

The players had an informal meeting about the situation. They cast their decisions as to whether the season will continue or not. Ultimately, only the Los Angeles Clippers and the Lakers voted against the resumption.

Lebron James and Kawhi Leonard were vocal about the matter. Also, it was Lebron James who wanted more to come from the team owners. The players collectively believe that the departure of the Clippers and the Lakers will tank the season. They are two of the most favorite teams to win the championship this year.

If they decide not to continue playing, the ratings will go down. However, they will send a strong message for more concrete action from the league.


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