Daniel Cormier becomes ‘UFC 4’ Rating Adjuster for fighters

EA Sport’s UFC 4 is going to be an exciting title that MMA fans are surely going to want to get their hands-on. Aside from developers and gamers, it seems like fighters should be checking out the game as well.

As with any other UFC game, UFC 4 will have a rating system for each of the fighters available. In the upcoming title, EA Sports is going to seek help from former champion Daniel Cormier concerning how the fighters are rated.

Rating adjuster for the game

According to a recent trailer, Daniel Cormier has just been designated as the rating adjuster for the upcoming title. It’s an important position that will determine how the fighters are rated in the upcoming title.

Cormier will be working with EA Sports after each UFC event. He will be assessing and rating the performance of the fighter’s, and EA Sports will then update the rating on their end. As per Cormier, the ratings will change each month. This means that if fighters want their rating in-game to be high, they need to perform as well.

How are fighters rated?

EA Sports is yet to reveal how fighters are going to be rated in the upcoming game. Based on previous entries, it’s likely that fighters are going to be rated based on various aspects of MMA.

In previous entries, fighters are scored on their striking, takedowns, and submission skills. EA Sports will likely retain the same metrics when it comes to UFC 4.

The ratings also determine the skill of the fighter in-game. This means that players should be up-to-date about the performance of fighters and their respective ratings in the upcoming game. This could very much affect the outcome of their matches.

Cormier’s position goes in-line with EA Sports’ goal to make the game as authentic as possible. By making sure that ratings are always up-to-date at all times, there will be a certain depth added to the game. Fans will see just how big an impact the ratings make once the game launches later this month.

EA Sports’ UFC 4 launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this August 14. Aside from an updated graphics and physics engine, the game also boasts several new upgrades from the previous entries. It’s certainly a must-have for MMA fans, and it could be the pinnacle in MMA games now that EA Sports might’ve perfected the formula.

Image used courtesy of EA Sports/YouTube

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