Daniel Craig refuses to watch Ben Affleck, Ana engage in PDA: rumor

Daniel Craig doesn’t, allegedly, want Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas to attend the red carpet premiere of his upcoming movie, No Time To Die.

According to Star, Daniel Craig doesn’t want to see the happy couple engage in PDA because doing so will surely steal the limelight from him.

An unnamed source told the tabloid that Craig has also been bad-mouthing Affleck by saying that he’s persona non grata.

Daniel Craig is allegedly an obsessive perfectionist

The source also criticized Craig for being an obsessive perfectionist who has so much control over what happens in the franchise.

Craig chose de Armas to be his newest Bond girl after they worked together in the movie, Knives Out last year.

“It’s Daniel’s party. He won’t be upstaged by a circus sideshow!” the source concluded.

Daniel Craig picked Ana de Armas as his Bond girl

While it is true that Craig picked de Armas to be his co-star, it is unlikely for the British actor to have an issue with her relationship.

Since No Time To Die won’t premiere until November, it is still unclear if de Armas will bring Affleck to the event as her date. And with the COVID-19 cases still rising across the globe, no one knows for sure if the red carpet premiere will even take place.

Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas pack on the PDA

Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas pack on the PDA

It is also true that Affleck and De Armas constantly engage in PDA. However, the couple isn’t doing anything scandalous or beyond the ordinary.

Whenever they are out in public, the couple holds hands, and they also sometimes hug each other. But as actors, they also know when the occasion needs them to be professional.

Ana de Armas talks about her role in ‘No Time To Die’

Last year, de Armas opened up about her role as the latest Bond girl. She said that she didn’t initially think she was a fit for the character because of her appearance. But she soon learned that the producers of the show wanted to build the character of Paloma around her.

“Bond girls have been portrayed for so many years with a specific type of woman. I associate it with some sort of perfection and beauty standards beyond the normal, things that I didn’t match. I was shocked when the director called me to say, ‘The character is not written yet but we want you to do it,'” she said.

De Armas vowed to bring something different to the story. Even though she will still be known as a Bond girl. Daniel Craig will continue to play the role of James Bond in the movie.

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