‘DanMachi’ Season 4: Will a new season come to light?

DanMachi Season 3

DanMachi Season 3 is about to come to an end, so all eyes are now on the making of DanMachi Season 4.

In a couple of days, Season 3’s final episode is about to drop. As its third season’s story is about to come to a close, what will happen in DanMachi Season 4?

Season 4 spoilers

According to Monsters and Critics, Bell Cranel, Hestia, and friends will bring the Hestia Familia to another level in the new season.

Here, they can finally begin their first expedition mission, but they will be welcomed with a tragic ordeal.

Instead of a fun adventure, what they will find is Bell, trapped in a “literal pit of despair.”

However, J.C. Staff or any company related to the franchise is yet to announce the coming of DanMachi Season 4. There is also no news about its production.

Anyhow, this won’t stop fans from casting their speculations about the anime’s future.

DanMachi Season 3

Season renewal news

The third season’s renewal quickly came with the second season. Although it was never the series’ concern if it would catch up with its light novel series, the main trouble was if it could maintain its popularity.

As of late, the streaming services’ revenue has replaced the Blu-Ray/DVD sales as the base of an anime’s success. However, it remains to be a factor of how the Japanese audience finds a series.

The first season successfully sold 5,200 copies in just its first week in 2015, while the second season sold 2,663 discs in 2019.

As it remains to be seen how many Season 3 can sell, its revenue possibly holds the future of DanMachi Season 4.

The anime’s success

The series is slowly gaining a cult following, thanks to its strong plot and interesting characters.

Although it seems to have an average rating, it still has some features that make it different from today’s animes.

Sure, it may not be the best fantasy or action anime series on the small screen, but it manages to get the viewers’ attention.

These factors may help the series have DanMachi Season 4, which may please the fans, per Spoiler Guy.

The franchise’s history is quite complex before it turned into an anime. It was based on the light novel series written by Fujino Omori and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda.

However, it was later adapted into three manga series that had different illustrators and writers. It also had a movie adaptation, titled Arrow of the Orion.

After the drop of the first two seasons, everyone was hoping Season 3 would be better.

Now, it looks like everyone is waiting for DanMachi Season 4 to see if it can surpass the first three seasons.

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