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‘Daredevil’ reboot: Charlie Cox, Marvel to discuss return in December


Plans are reportedly in place for Marvel and Charlie Cox to discuss the return of Daredevil. The studio has a December date in mind for the negotiation as it coincides with the end of Cox’s contract.

Daredevil abruptly ended on Netflix in 2018, after the streaming platform canceled all its Marvel superhero shows. Despite what happened, Marvel boss Kevin Feige is still keen on rebooting the superhero series.

According to insiders, Feige doesn’t want to replace Cox in his iconic role. Only, the studio has to wait for Cox’s Netflix contract to expire, which will also unblock the use of the character and the property.

If the Daredevil reboot pushes through, Feige wants to continue what Cox started more than anything else. This means there will be no need for an origin story or another exposition into the superhero character. The Marvel boss assumes that those who are eager to watch the new Daredevil have already seen the Netflix show.

Bigger plans for the property

Sources also said Marvel has plans to expand the Daredevil property. There’s still plenty of ways the stories can go, apart from the Netflix show.

“While Marvel Studios awaits for his Netflix hold to expire, discussions have been tossed around on what to do with Daredevil besides another TV series,” the source said. “[It] will happen on one of Disney’s streaming networks.”

Marvel is under the Disney umbrella, which has Disney+, Hulu, and FX as its streaming platforms. These brands cater to a different audience.

The character could also mark his first appearance in a future Avengers movie. This doesn’t mean, however, that Cox will become part of the MCU franchise. There are also no talks of a solo movie for now.

Cox’s character could spring another franchise as well, as Marvel is reportedly developing stories for the characters of Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, and another ex-Netflix property, the Punisher. Rumors also surfaced that the character might be added to Spider-Man 3 with Tom Holland.

Cox’s statement about reprising the role

Amid all the talks and speculations, Cox said in April that he’d had a great time playing the character on the Netflix shows. He acknowledged that he wants to keep playing the role and would like to be involved in plans for Daredevil if the studio will have him.

Cox, however, said that he hadn’t heard anything about Spider-Man 3 despite the loud buzz. He hinted that the studio might be considering a different Daredevil if this rumor is true as he’s not been asked to board the project. Spider-Man 3 will start production in January 2021.

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