‘Dark’ season 3 installment centers on time travel and Jonas’ disappearance

Dark season 3 recently released its most awaited trailer featuring important details in the upcoming season.

Moreover, the next installment will shed a light on why Jonas disappeared in the finale of season 2. Judging from the trailer, the three personas of Jonas will finally meet together at a certain period.

However, there is no stopping the apocalypse as the series is teasing the end of the final cycle. The complication started in Mikkel’s disappearance in 2019 but traveled back to 1986. In that period, Mikkel married Jonas’ mother, which makes Mikkel the father of Jonas.

As the story progresses, Jonas travels back and forth to save his small home town, Widen, from a seemingly upcoming apocalypse.  However, while Jonas travels back to the past, he is romancing with Mikkel’s sister, Martha. Dreadful as it gets, Martha makes her Jonas’ aunt.

Dark season 3 reveals the reason for Jonas’ disappearance

Dark season 2 ended with a cliffhanger and leaving the fans with more questions. Over the last two seasons, there are several events that led to the disappearance of Jonas. His disappearance is a significant component that must be unfolded in the next installment because it might be the key to stopping the apocalypse. Furthermore, season 3 will reveal what causes the disappearance of Jonas.

Dark season 3 plot will likely be in 1986

The trailer provides a glimpse of what can transpire in Dark season 3. Jonas is transported back to 1986 because the young Martha is present. However, it could also mean that 1986 is a specific period to break the cycle.

The trailer also reveals three men, a child, a cleft-lip man, and an old man.  Although it is not clear as to their identities, they could be the same person. The three men could be the enemies of Jonas and Martha in Dark season 3.

Furthermore, season 2 introduces the alternate world, which suggests that the present world is already doomed for destruction. Hence, the three men might be from the alternate world sent to destroy Adam. At the same time, the men will destroy all the time-travel and dimension that seems to change the normal cycle of time.

Dark season 3 will also unfold the result of Jonas and Claudia’s action when they used the time machine to connect the past and the future.

Dark season 3 release date

Netflix recently confirmed that Dark season 3 would air on June 27, 2020. The showrunners chose the date because it has a significant meaning to the series. June 27 is the day the last cycle begins.

Furthermore, Netflix has followed the pattern from season 2 release. Dark season 2 was released on June 21, 2019, the day Michael allegedly killed himself in suicide.

Image courtesy Pete Peppers/YouTube Screenshot

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