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‘Darkest Dungeon 2’ will open early access Q3 2021


Darkest Dungeon 2 will be starting its early access this year, projected to begin around Q3 2021 or around Fall.

Red Hook Studios’ Darkest Dungeon 2 will be featured on PC Gamer UK’s July Edition. In the game’s official subreddit, scans reveal that the game will open early access this year, around Q3 2021. It seems the devs are also doing an overhaul of the game’s mechanics.

Darkest 2 will feature nine classes at launch

Darkest 2 will be more of a roguelike compared to the original title. In the scans, it shows that the game will feature nine character classes for the early access.

The confirmed classes include the Jester, Grave Robber, Highwayman, Plague Doctor, Man At Arms, Leper, Occultist, and Hellion. The ninth class is a mystery at the moment, but the magazine speculates a heavy frontliner in the mix.

With this information, there are several questions that fans of the original game will have. This starts with the fate of the missing job classes, including the much-beloved Crusader and Vestal.

Narrative-wise, players also question the fate of the first Crusader, Reynauld. In-canon, Reynauld likely perished around the end of the story, but that is unknown. There are more changes that happened to the game mechanics as well.

Red Hook overhauls game mechanics for DD2

The feature for Darkest Dungeon 2 shows a ton of breadcrumbs for the game’s die-hard fanatics. The images show the results of the end of the first game and what transpired after.

From the released images, the narrative seems to show a world destroyed by the abominations beneath the mansion. With the world in ruins, more mercenaries are looking to help rid the world of the monstrosities.

The game removed much of the hubbub in the original games. The devs removed everything complicated about the first DD, which includes its stats. They replaced the stats like accuracy, chance to hit, and even turn order into simpler tokens.

Red Hook also changed the idea of building entire comps. In the original game, players can recruit as many as 31 mercenaries in Radiant mode. In the next title, players can only use one per class per team, creating a more unique and varied gameplay.

Another of the many changes they made is the setting. Rather than stay at the dilapidated hamlet, players now right a modified steam wagon. The wagon will carry the entire team, visiting several regions.

Darkest Dungeon 2 will release early access this year, around Q3 2021. More information will come soon, especially to the fans of the game.

Featured image courtesy of Red Hook Studios/Youtube Screenshot

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