Darkseid actor hoping for more ‘Justice League’ roles

Actor Ray Porter, who plays Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, hopes to get more roles in the future. He recently revealed his aspirations.

According to Comicbook, Ray Porter interviewed with the Geek House show. In that, he talked about Justice League and Darkseid. Previously, his role extended in the DCEU for a longer duration.

However, the issues emerged three years ago when Zack Snyder distanced himself away from JL. And the original plans for the movie changed completely, and everyone knows about that.

In the interview, Porter said that he’s hoping for more roles in the DC movie. He also wished that Snyder Cut‘s Darkseid will impress the fans.

“I hope so. I would like that. I would love to see that, and obviously, I would hope that whoever does that will have me along for the ride,” he said. “Yeah, I would love to see a continuation of it. And honestly, I personally would love to see a continuation of Zack’s story. So yes, I really hope so. That would be great. I’ve not heard anything about it, but you know. Hope.”

Darkseid and future surprises in Justice League

Apart from Porter’s great aspirations and hopes, Snyder Cut will reveal many hidden secrets. Not just Darkseid, but the director’s plans are huge for the entire storyline.

After the first official trailer during DC Fandom, fans were all hyped. And there was a clear reason for that too. Yes, there were several obstacles to the DCEU when compared to the MCU. And currently, the latter is much more popular than the former. But loyal and die-hard DC fans always keep their expectations high.

Next year’s Snyder Cut on HBO Max will arrive in the form of episodes. And it will try to capture every essence of what the director originally thought of. Whether it’s Batman, Superman, Flash, or Cyborg, everyone’s arc will be shown. And this time, it will be done more impactfully.

Upcoming DC projects under movies’ timeline

This year’s Fandom event proved that the future looks really amazing. Justice League, The Batman, Wonder Woman 1984, Suicide Squad, and Shazam 2 are coming soon.

They all are looking great and promising on entertainment value. And also on the part of building up the DC Extended Universe. Early rumors are hinting towards a new kind of multiverse that will be introduced. And it might happen in The Flash movie.

On the other hand, the Justice League is still the most hyped thing coming next year. Especially for those who are keen to watch the live-action Darkseid in a DC title.

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