Datamine reveals potential ‘Predator: Hunting Grounds’ September update contents

Predator: Hunting Grounds' Dutch

With Illfonic revealing only a very small chunk of Predator: Haunting Grounds’ September update, that is, the upcoming presence of Predator 1987’s Dutch, many are left to speculating what other surprises are in store for the game. A little bit of datamining, however, reveals what the missing pieces to the mystery are.

In a series of posts by Redditor, u/radikalsweeps, he laid out information about the contents hidden in the game’s upcoming update.

New Game Modes

Dubbed as “Clash,” “Gauntlet,” and “Hunt,” three new modes are coming to the game. Each of which likely having unique features than the other.

Of the three, the “Hunt” appears to be the smallest for its limit in the number of players. Particularly, constrained to just five. Which, if anything, could imply a maximum of four Fireteam players and a single Predator.

Conversely, the “Gauntlet” mode makes for the biggest of all modes, with it capable of accommodating up to 15 players. Which, itself, can be interpreted as a roster of three sets of Fireteam players and three Predators. Meaning also, four Fireteam players for every Predator present in the lobby.

If correct, this could make a first multi-Predator mode in the game since its release. In addition, it is also possible that the Predators participating in this mode are themselves, competitors, with one another. Essentially, making each participating Predator compete for the greatest number of kills or earned points.

The latter is reminiscent of the 2010 movie which saw a trio of Predators going on a hunt against humans. However, obviously, with common goals.

Lastly, there is the “Clash” which can handle a more modest maximum of eight total players. This one is a little dodgy to predict in that the maximum of eight players could put one group at a disadvantage, if unequally distributed.

For instance, adding two Predators in Clash mode would leave only a space for six Fireteam players. Alternatively, leaving only a single Predator would call for an influx of seven Fireteam players.

Massive Map

Another dug up content involves a map that is possibly the game’s biggest yet, should it arrive.

Based on the provided information, it seems that this new map will feature a cavern that will significantly be a gamechanger. Unlike other settings, this is a mostly hollow structure which leaves little in the way of defense, especially by gun-wielding opponents.

The codes found in the datamining are indeed telling of what’s to come in-game. However, until the update sees launch, these potential changes are still subject to last-minute changes.

Image used courtesy of BloodThirstyLord/YouTube Screenshot

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