Datamine uncover upcoming content for ‘Overwatch’ Summer Games

By this time, Blizzard should have already kickstarted the Overwatch Summer Games 2020 event. However, we’ve yet to hear something about the upcoming event, but some leaks show us what’s up ahead.

Sigma’s Maestro challenge is now live in Overwatch, and it lasts for a few more days. Based on previous iterations, the Overwatch Summer Games event should’ve already started. The good thing is that even without an event yet, some fans have already uncovered what’s next for the shooter.

New Lucioball map and more

A recent look into the game’s files reveals that “Sydney Harbour Arena” and “Busan Stadium” Lucio Ball maps have been renamed “Sydney Harbour Arena Classic” and “Busan Stadium Classic.” While this may not seem much at first, it at least hints that the Lucioball maps that players have come to know and love are going to get new variants.

We’ve yet to know what Blizzard hopes on adding to the classic maps. It’s likely that there we will get new features that change the way the game is played.

The PTR files also show that Blizzard is going to experiment with Assault maps as well. For now, the Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony map has been removed from play. Players have been complaining about the map’s imbalances. It seems like Blizzard already has an idea of how they can change it up.

Summer Games

The Overwatch Summer Games event is based on the Olympics. During this even, Blizzard releases summer-themed or sports-themed skins for the game’s cast of heroes. This is the main highlight of the event as players are going to be grinding hard for those exclusive skins.

Aside from the seasonal skins, they even also introduced the exclusive brawl event called Lucioball. Lucioball is Overwatch’s version of Rocket League. Three Lucios play the game on opposing teams, and the goal is to get a gigantic ball inside the opposing team’s ball.

There will also be a total of three challenge skins that players can unlock after gathering a total of nine wins per week. Players can also get a spray and a player icon during the challenge.

Players are concerned that the Overwatch Summer Games event for this year has been canceled. Lucky for them, the files say otherwise. We’ll likely be seeing the event by the end of July, or around the time Sigma’s event challenge ends.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch/YouTube 

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