Dataminer uncovers ‘Persona 5 Royal’s unused alternative to Akechi’s third awakening scene

Persona 5 Royal Goro Akechi's third persona, Hereward

Pan-hime, the fecund dataminer who has been uncovering contents in the Chinese build of Persona 5 Royal, is at it again—this time, digging through what appears to be an unused content that depicts an alternative to Akechi’s third persona awakening.

Like previously is the case, the dug up scene is translated to English by Faz for non-Chinese audiences.

To those who have yet to experience Persona 5 Royal, the latest iteration offers the introduction of the third persona. A feature that the original did not see after being limited only to two as part of initial plans and design.

Uniquely Goro Akechi

Seeing the entire Phantom Thieves’ third persona awakens is an interesting aspect of Persona 5 Royal. All of which have the commonality that the scene happens in each respective member’s place, except for one—Akechi.

Unlike the rest of the gang, Akechi’s awakening happens in the Le Blanc café. This is triggered when the player chooses to change Maruki’s heart in spite of the risk of eradicating Akechi in genuine reality.

In the unused alternative scene, on the other hand, the event takes place in a jazz club. It features a little more than a 3-minute video that revolves around a talk between Joker and Akechi. The topic of which covers Akechi’s request over the changing of Shido’s heart, which he was grateful for.

Akechi’s Predicament

But following a route led by the player accepting Maruki’s version of reality, they were set in a place where “nothing has changed.” Pointing to the evil deeds of Shido. An idea which is something Maruki is “satisfied about,” with him being the creator of the “alternative reality.”

Tired of playing the pawn in the scheme of things, Akechi expresses his dissatisfaction with Joker. Stating specifically about being “sick of being in the palm of someone’s hand.” The conversation led to Akechi openly stating to Joker about wanting to go back to how things were.

Having mentioned his predication, a scene eventually kicks in, which shows Goro Akechi’s third awakening. The scene is portrayed with the fusion of two of Akechi’s developed personas, Loki and Robin Hood, giving birth to Hereward.

Following Goro Akechi’s third persona awakening, he reminded Joker about the gloves he gave. Warning him not to lose it as he will not give a replacement. A reminder of the friendship developed between themselves and a concluding aspect of the third persona awakening.

Mixed Reception

Audiences who had seen the datamined scene have been divided in its reception. On the one hand, some prefer the one they got with the game for its stronger emotional impact. On the other hand, some prefer the unused scene for its unique and rather subjective presentation.

Image used courtesy of Faz/YouTube Screenshot

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