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‘Dating Around’ season 3: Is the reality series being renewed?


Dating Around season 2 recently dropped its second season. Netflix subscribers who are fans of the show are now wondering if there’s going to be a renewal.

Dating Around is an American reality dating web TV series on Netflix. And though it’s not as hyped as the streaming platform’s other dating shows Love Is Blind and Too Hot To Handle, it has created its own fan base.

It is also relatively normal as it features the traditional way of dating strangers. There are no twists or gimmicks in between.

The show basically shows six different singles going on five different blind dates. They will get drinks, dinner, a nightcap if they want to, and then go home.

At the end of each episode, the dater will pick one among the five dates and call the chosen one to go on a second date.

Dating in New Orleans

Dating Around season 2 dropped on Friday, June 12 and just like the first, it only comes with six episodes which were filmed back in October 2019.

The first season followed the dating stints of New York-based singles. In the latest season, it’s all about the six New Orleans singles, Justin Bigting, Ben Samuel, Deva Mahal, Heather Salvaggio, Brandon Bordelon, and Demi Diaz.

And just like the first, it’s also packed with drama, awkward small talks, and kissing. But what’s the update now to these reality TV stars after picking their second date?

Esquire gave an update on the current dating life of the six. First up is Justin who still seems to be just hanging out with his dog. No word on his dating life at the moment.

The same goes for the Professor of Computer Science Ben who has no update on his social media account regarding his dating status too.

Meanwhile, Deva may also still be single even after charming all five of her dates. Heather on the other hand is still working as a professional make-up artist.

It seems like only Brandon and Demi are currently dating someone. But not necessarily from those they have dated in the show.

Is the show being renewed?

According to Marie Claire, Netflix has not made any announcement yet regarding the show’s renewal. It’s still too early to tell though.

They only just dropped the new episodes so more time may be needed until the giant streaming platform will give the news of renewal or cancellation.

Fans are hopeful though since it may be the same case as the second season. It was found out to have been filmed already despite the year-long gap.

So there’s still a possibility that it will be renewed but it may not come until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has halted the majority of productions.

Fans will have to stay tuned for updates on Dating Around season 3.

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