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Dave Bautista as Bane: DC reportedly resumes talks with MCU actor


Dave Bautista might get to play Bane for DC after all! Talks have reportedly resumed between the Guardians of the Galaxy actor and the studio despite previous failed attempts.

A lot of speculations of Bane appearing in The Batman film with Robert Pattinson surfaced in the last two years. Dave Bautista recently revealed on Twitter that he tried his best to snag the role of the villain without much success.

However, Bautista is back in discussions about playing Bane. According to We Got This Covered, DC is “trying to find a way” to include him in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). There’s a big possibility of a Latino Bane joining the franchise, especially with the playing out of the multiverse storyline.

Who is Bane?

Director Matt Reeves doesn’t have plans to include Bane in the new Batman film. The new movie, which is set out as a trilogy, includes a bevy of stars alongside Pattison as the Caped Crusader. They are Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, Zoe Kravitz, Andy Serkis, John Turturro, Jeffrey Wright, and Peter Sarsgaard. Unfortunately, Dave Bautista’s casting in The Batman is but a rumor. But who is Bane, exactly?

Bane, one of Batman’s adversary, appeared two times in former Batman live-action movies. Robert Swenson played the character in Batman & Robin (1997) from director Joel Schumacher. Tom Hardy had the role in The Dark Night Rises (2012) from director Christopher Nolan.

Bane’s parents were both prisoners. His father escaped the prison system and tried to lead a revolution against a corrupt government. Part of his sentence was passed on to Bane, who had to overcome many adversaries as a child.

As with Bruce Wayne/Batman, Bane is intelligent and disciplined in his ways. He’s a martial arts expert and tactician. Bane developed physical abnormalities after a prison experiment involving the Venom drug. This gave him super strength and a supervillain personality.

Bautista’s current projects

Meanwhile, Bautista is currently in the new season of Room 104 on HBO. The fourth installment of the anthology premiered on HBO in July. Bautista plays the ex-pro wrestler Raw Dog Avalanche.

“When my agent told me it was a professional wrestling-themed episode, I said, ‘Not a shot in hell,'” the actor, who was a former wrestler, said in a Sports Illustrated interview. “I’ve worked really hard to separate these two worlds. I didn’t leave wrestling to become a movie star, I left to be an actor.”

However, Bautista said the script to his episode in Room 104 was “deep, rich and emotional” that it blew him away.

“People have never seen me portray a role like this,” the actor said. “There are so many layers to the character, and the subject matter is so sensitive,” he added. “This was the opportunity I was waiting for. I’ve been searching for a role like this for a long time.”

Dave Bautista is also set to return for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, which will be in theaters in 2022.

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