Dave Bautista reveals his struggle of role in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Dave Bautista reveals his struggle of role in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Dave Bautista appeared as a natural comedian since the first Guardians of the Galaxy. What fans don’t know though is that it was a struggle for him.

Every Marvel fan who watched the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise knows that Dave Bautista’s character Drax the Destroyer is funny in the movies.

He may not be the loud and comical kind of funny but he definitely captured viewers through his guileless humor. In fact, almost everything he does throughout the entire movie series comes with humor.

Bautista is proud of his character’s humor especially since it hasn’t really been easy for him.

Bautista’s struggle

The retired WWE wrestler recently revealed in a podcast interview that he found it difficult to make Drax a funny human mutate in the first movie.

He told podcast host Michael Rosenbaum that his struggle was rooted from his thinking that he wasn’t good at comedy. For him, it was hard because he doesn’t consider himself funny at all in real life.

He even recalled the time they had to re-shoot some scenes like the “Nothing goes over my head” part.

“Because they wanted to get a sense of Drax being such a literal character… I don’t find myself funny, so it’s hard,” he said.

But he was eventually able to get through the struggle. It was Director James Gunn who convinced him that there was something hilarious in him.

“I think James kind of tapped into my humor a little bit in the first one and decided that he wanted to put more of that in the second one,” Bautista said.

Since then, Drax has been a funny character throughout the Marvel movies he appeared in.

Gunn’s response

After Bautista’s interview was released, Gunn gave his comment about the struggle. He said that Drax didn’t turn out to be funny because Bautista was “being funny.”

Instead, the character made viewers laugh because Bautista played it “honestly, expertly, & with heart.”

It’s clear that Gunn and Bautista share a tight relationship. The latter heavily supported the former at the time he was fired after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Fans may most likely catch Dave Bautista again soon in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to reprise his role as Drax. Further details are still kept under wraps so stay tuned!

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