David Beckham ventures in organic honey

An English cultural icon and football star David Beckham prepares to introduce his line of organic honey.

David Beckham gears up to release his brand of honey line. The football icon initially started beekeeping as a hobby during the quarantine season. But did he knew, his mere hobby turned out to be the most exciting venture for him.

According to The Sun magazine, the 45-year-old ex-football star has bought all the tools and gears required to rear the bees. Moreover, he constructed a beehive by himself in his Cotswolds home.

The outlet also states that David is still working on the business name but is currently considers titles like D Bee, Seven Honey, and Golden Bees.

David Beckham and his effortless dad jokes

In July, Victoria Beckham, wife of David, shared a short video clip of the building activity in her Instagram Stories saying, “David decided to start building beehives. Is that your new project darling?” David then responded by confirming the matter and expressing that his wife will be joyful when the honey is taken out.

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I told the kids Bee careful 🐝 πŸ€” .. Apparently dad jokes don’t go down so well πŸ™„

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The model made his family participate in the said activity. Moreover, Cruze and Romeo Beckham sported the protective suits and helped their dad took out the honey from the beehive.

David posted on Instagram a photo with a caption that reads: “I told the kids Bee careful,” then writing that dad jokes don’t always sell.

Previous ventures and businesses

David has been smart about his latest venture and is in touch with prospective stockists and manufacturers for the business. If the cards play well, organic honey is the newest addition to his long list of businesses.

David currently owns a line of sunglasses, a partnership with Haig Whiskey, a professional soccer club Inter Miami. And in recent happenings, he released an aftershave named Bold Instinct, which is currently a favorite of Englander’s.

COVID-19 battle

Earlier this month, reports revealed that both David and Victoria fought COVID-19. It states that the couple might have caught the virus after attending a series of A-lister events in Los Angeles, California.

However, the couple fully recovered after quarantining in their Cotswolds home. Since then, both of them made sure to undergo antibody tests before and after international travels.

In July, Brooklyn Beckham announced his engagement to American actress Nicola Peltz. His star parents supported him by expressing joy through heartfelt congratulatory messages. Speculation then surfaced online that the wedding guest list would include huge names like Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Elton John.

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