David Beckham wants Victoria to close her fashion empire: Rumor

David Beckham wants Victoria to close her fashion empire: Rumor

David Beckham, allegedly, wants his wife, Victoria Beckham to close down her fashion empire.

According to New Idea, Victoria’s business hasn’t been profitable. So, David Beckham thinks that now is the right time to close it down.

“It’s no secret that Vic’s business has been bleeding cash for years now. David said she’d be better off retiring and living comfortably with the kids and leave him to focus on Brand Beckham, which shocked and upset her,” the source said.

David Beckham business still profitable

David’s business, on the other hand, continues to be profitable. And Victoria is, allegedly, jealous.

“Moving forward, it seems as though David’s got a lot of exciting plans for the future, with his advertising deals and a soccer club in Miami. But there’s nothing really outlined for Vic, except trying to keep her fashion career alive. He says that he can’t keep bankrolling her business, as he needs to put everything into Miami, and he can’t risk their fortune and future on it,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham doesn’t want to close her fashion label

The insider also claimed that there are rumors that Victoria will pursue more lucrative ventures other than clothing. However, these have yet to materialize.

“He doesn’t understand why she won’t change direction – especially because her fashion line has been a real strain on their business relationship. Vic’s said to David that she’s not ready to give it up. She’s insulted that he’d think this is the next step for her,” the source said.

Victoria Beckham jealous of David Beckham, Shakira's friendship 
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham jealous of David Beckham, Shakira’s friendship

Meanwhile, the tabloid also alleged that Victoria is furious with David Beckham but for an entirely different reason.

Another source claimed that the Spice Girls member isn’t thrilled to know that her husband will be working closely with Shakira.

“Shakira’s an obvious choice. She’s a huge star in Miami, but Victoria’s not happy about it. David’s always been overly friendly with Shakira. He was blushing when he met her at a charity event back in 2009. And some reckon Vic might be worried there’s an ulterior motive,” the source said.

However, Victoria is, allegedly, encouraging David to hire Jennifer Lopez instead.

As of late, David Beckham and his wife have not commented on the rumors. And it’s unlikely for the claims to be accurate.

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