Dawn in ‘Cultwo Show’ talked about relationship with family

SBS Power FM Cultwo Show had Dawn appear as a guest on its October 25 episode.

Dawn appeared on Power FM as a guest, where he talked about his family and HyunA. Dawn recently joined PSY’s agency, P Nation. After joining, He released his first solo album with the title track DAWNDIDIDAWN.

Pulling off confidence

Initially, Dawn had prepared different songs where he showed it to PSY. Moreover, PSY kept persuading him by showing him the music video plans, but Dawn rejected it. Dawn stated that he does not have much time to prepare, and he lacks the confidence to pull off the project.

Behind the songs

He also shared that one of his songs in his album Still is based on something terrible that happened to HyunA. When they argued, he does not go mad. This is making HyunA madder because the song is based on what happened to her.

He also continued that instead of arguing a lot, he gets scolded more. HyunA is the type of person who talks a lot, and he is the type who listens. He is not good at multitasking; that is why he gets scolded a lot.

Dawn’s family background

The show talked about Dawn’s family background, where he shared that his mother has a macho personality. Meanwhile, he is the same as his father’s trait. Dawn gets scolded by HyunA in the same way as his mom.

HyunA and his mom get well together because they both have the personality and vibe.

His mother is a belly dancer and encouraged him also to learn belly dancing. He tried to practice and dance by himself because his mom likes people who love to dance.

While Dawn and his mother are spending time together with their belly dancing, his father has a different perspective on life and focused more on the house chores.

Image courtesy of DAWN/YouTube Screenshot

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