‘Days Gone 2’ possibly in the works for PlayStation 5

Days Gone 2

Days Gone wasn’t a massive hit, but it was a fun PlayStation 4 exclusive still. Thanks to job listings by the developers of the zombie games, fans may have uncovered that Days Gone 2 is officially in the works for the PS5.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Days Goneis actually confirmed. Despite the response at launch, the game still sold relatively well, and it was a fun zombie experience that people got into. How would fans react if they figured out that a sequel is being worked on?

Job listings by Bend Studio

Sony Interactive Entertainment Bend Studio was the team behind the first game, and they are currently looking for two people. The first fill in a position for a senior staff technical artist while the other role will be for a senior audio programmer.

As per the listing, the applicants should have experience when it comes to creating “cinematic-quality facial articulation” and supporting 3D audio. The rumors that it’s for Days Gone 2 stems from the fact that these features are recently found in Days Gone.

Although the features can be found in many other games, Bend Studio is one of Sony’s smaller game developers, meaning the games they create are in the mid-budget range. Considering Days Gone is one of the best titles from the developer, this adds more fuel to the fire that a sequel is in the works.

As the PS4 is going out of the cycle, it’s also likely that the game will be slated for a PS5 release. There aren’t many games announced on the PS5 for now, and the sequel to Days Gone could be one of the early titles.

What the sequel needs to have

A lot of things lacking from the first game. For starters, fans have commented that the story of Deacon St. John and his search for his fiance’ Sarah felt lackluster. Fans were expecting dramatic appeals similar to The Last of Usbut in the end, the story itself felt unrewarding. Aside from that, the game felt pretty clunky at times due to Deacon having limited mobility.

If SIE Bend Studio addresses these issues in the next game, then the sequel could be a smash hit. Despite the reviews, fans are most likely going to want to see what happens to Deacon and Sarah.

Days Gone 2 might not be far off now, and fans are eagerly waiting for what happens next. Hopefully, we get to see a reveal soon. Either way, at least fans know that Bend Studios is working on something new.


Image used courtesy of Sony/YouTube

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