‘Days Gone’ director reveals information on canned pre-planned sequel

Days Gone's Deacon and Sarah

The director of Days Gone has shared some revelations on what could be a sequel to the game if it came to fruition.

Days Gone was originally released to the PlayStation 4 on a limited exclusivity deal that many did not see coming until it was announced on PC. But even while exclusive to the PS4, the game was received by a divided audience. One that ostensively did not leave a good taste to Sony. Despite overall sales that suggest a successful launching, the mixed reception sadly culminated in the sequel not becoming a thing. Something that the developer, Bend Studio, only confirmed to the public sometime in 2021.

Planned concepts

But while Days Gone 2 may not be officially happening, it doesn’t mean that there was not any plan about it. During an interview with ForTheWin, Days Gone Director Jeff Ross laid out some details of what could have become the sequel to the game. One of the interesting points to come out of the discussion is in how the director wanted to incorporate “swimming”. A concept that could have significantly added more variety to the gameplay.

Of course, there are also other areas in the sequel that were planned as substantial improvements over the original. In particular, at how Deacon could’ve been given an arsenal of high-tech weaponry. That, alongside preventing insta-fails during stealth missions, and even make the surroundings livelier, like adding wildlife into it.

Those were indeed engaging aspects of the original game that could be enhanced upon. But there appears to be also positive concerns over the relationship between Deacon St. John and Sarah. One that is said could have developed further in the sequel. That is, by giving emphasis on the narrative and as to whether the romance could survive the apocalypse.

Is remaster, possible?

As for Days Gone 2 potentially becomes a thing, this, unfortunately, is no longer a case with Jeff Rose being at the helm. The former Bend Studio employee has officially left the company in late 2020. He is literally too far gone now for the sequel to pan out precisely as he’d envisioned it as director.

A follow-up to the original may be impossible for now. But it seems that a remaster isn’t too far away from reality. Like, Sony is not necessarily a stranger to the concept, considering how it had released a remastered version of one of its own first-party titles, The Last of Us. Recently, the same title is also being rumored to be getting a remake as well for the PlayStation 5.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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