‘Days Gone’ PC gets an option to limit data collection

With the release of Days Gone on PC last month, fans were celebrating a lot. However, they also witnessed one annoying issue with the port.

Players noticed that Days Gone on PC was collecting their data despite running it offline during the gameplay. Fortunately, the developers have addressed this problem now with a recent update that limits data collection.

‘Days Gone’ PC new update details.

Although data collection is no exception these days, it can be frustrating while playing an offline mode because there’s no need to share your information when you are not connected online.

And that has been the query of many Days Gone players on PC since its launch in May.

The newer port doesn’t support multiplayer mode, and thus it shouldn’t include data collection at all.

Many of the critics who reviewed its revamped released on PC highlighted this issue and criticized the developers.

But now, Bend Studio has listened to all the problems and has released a fresh patch with several key corrections and fixes.

In update 1.04 for Days Gone on PC, players can now disable data collection.

Here’s what the patch notes mention:

Graphical Improvements

  • Decal rendering fixed alongside tire tracks and footprints

Performance Improvements

  • The game hang fixed during the cinematic beginning before the mission ‘What’s A Nice Girl.’
  • More crash fixes
  • Audio Device auto-detection removed

Other changes

  • Russian localizations updated
  • Now there is mouse interactivity to the repair/refuel icons
  • Issue fixed where the Achievements progress bar was not updating on Steam
  • Select Limited Data option to disable data collection

New video games in 2021

While the Days Gone lovers are happy for the PS4 title’s PC debut, many other gaming fans are currently waiting for several fresh releases.

Speaking of the most-awaited potential blockbusters, then there will be names like Deathloop and Halo Infinite.

Dying Light 2, a new Call of Duty entry, New World, Psychonauts 2, Little Devil Inside, and Humankind are also on the list.

However, the vast line-up extends even further with the likes of Back 4 Blood, Stray, Far Cry 6, and Battlefield 2042.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Shadow Warrior 3, Cyber Shadow, Scarlet Nexus, and No More Heroes 3 are other crucial launches.

Several recently announced projects making an ambitious debut soon are Glitchpunk, The Day Before, and Etched Memories.

Coming onto Days Gone, again, it’s currently available for PC and PS4.

What do you think about all the prominent games launching later this year? Are you excited and hyped for them?

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Image courtesy of Zanar Aesthetics/YouTube

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