‘Days Gone’ PC is solid on Steam after a week of release

The PC port for Bend Studio’s Days Gone was launched last week. And within eight days, it has emerged as a great title on Steam.

Days Gone PC version is selling very well on Steam following a week of its release. However, it couldn’t top the figures of Horizon Zero Dawn.

The game made its debut on May 18th, 2021.

‘Days Gone’ is good on PC as well!

The Bend Studio title was the best-selling PC port on Steam last week, which is remarkable!

As per the Steam database, it sold a large number of units.

However, it stayed behind Horizon Zero Dawn‘s PC port that sold more units after its launch four years ago. It had more players as well at the time of its arrival.

But again, Days Gone devs can pat their backs as the PC release has turned out impressive on the whole. Yes, it had a few bugs and issues, but they didn’t bother the players much with gameplay.

Another proof of its good reception on Steam is that it even outperformed Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Coming back to the comparison with Horizon Zero Dawn, then Days Gone had 27,450 concurrent players. On the other hand, the Bend Studio title had double that figure, amounting to 56,557 concurrent players.

But again, the current data does not reflect the entire bigger picture because it also released both of them on Epic Games Store.

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Will there be a sequel to the game?

Despite a positive response for its PC port and previous console versions, the title’s next part is still looking uncertain.

Sony hasn’t come out with any indication of greenlighting a sequel.

But the fans, who love the game by Bend Studio, are hoping for another entry in the future.

And to elevate their hopes, director Jeff Ross did tease a second part as well in a media interaction a month ago. However, he didn’t exactly reveal anything clearly about the chances of the sequel.

It will be interesting to see if Sony changes its mind regarding its previous decision or not.

Considering how good the PC version is currently, it may do that in the coming months or years.

One can only imagine a possibility as of now.

What are your thoughts on Days Gone? Have you played it already on your PC?

And how is it performing so far?

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Image courtesy of WillyB/YouTube

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