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‘Days Gone’ PC version coming out soon?


Days Gone is an action-packed open-world zombie game featuring zombie hordes players have never seen before. While it is an amazing title, it’s exclusivity to the PlayStation 4 makes it inaccessible to many gamers.

For a while, PC gamers had high hopes that Days Gone would be hitting their gaming platform soon. The game was apparently listed on Amazon’s French website. Upon the appearance, gamers were quick to say that the game would indeed be coming soon.

However, Sony has officially gone off the record to say that it was a minor error and that there are no plans to port Days Gone on the PC for now. It was obviously disappointing news to fans, but should they really lose hope for a PC version of this beloved zombie shooter?

More PS4 exclusives headed to PC

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding was originally slated for a PS4 release, which is why players were surprised to hear that the game would eventually be launching for the PC as well.

Moreover, the PS4 exclusive and instant classic Horizon Zero Dawn is expected to launch for the PC later this year as well. Days Gone is just one of the many PS4 exclusives that have been rumored for a PC launch alongside God of War.

What’s worth noting is that Sony didn’t completely dismiss the idea of a PC version of the game. What they did say was that there are no plans for it currently, so players can still hope that one day, Deacon St. John will be strolling through infected streets on the PC as well.

What is ‘Days Gone?’

Made by SIE Bend Studio, Days Gone puts players in the shoes of Deacon St. John as he traverses a massive open-world that’s filled with zombies called in-game as breakers. The game features a riveting story of Deacon fighting his past demons while looking for the love of his life during a zombie apocalypse.

Gameplay-wise, Days Gone features standard mechanics found in similar games like Grand Theft Auto. Aside from weapon crafting and customizing, a huge part of the game is also dedicated to enhancing Deacon’s motorbike, which acts as a companion and as well as a crucial character in the game.

Perhaps what’s most captivating in Days Gone are the huge freaker hordes. Many compare the hordes to the likes of those we’ve seen from the movie World War Z. It’s something new to zombie games, and it was an instant must-have when it was first revealed in 2016.

While the listing has been removed, fans are still obviously waiting for Days Gone to release beyond the PC. If fans wish for it hard enough, Sony might be more than happy to oblige.

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