‘Dazed Korea’: How does Son Dam Bi age gracefully?


Son Dam Bi is a singer turned actress who recently participated in a makeup themed pictorial for Dazed magazine.

After showing four different makeup looks, the interviewer asked Son Dam Bi what she likes the most. The songstress stated that she thought a lot about that question, and she cannot pick one as each of the four colors has a unique appeal.

If she has to pick one, since she does not usually wear makeup, she will be choosing the first print.

Son Dam Bi on gracefully aging

Son Dam Bi has a different approach to aging gracefully. She stated that whenever she gets together with her friends, they also talked about aging gracefully. That is why she often thinks about what it means to “age gracefully.”

It recently occurred to her, but sometimes she thinks that maybe it means that she should become someone to gather new learnings. In that case, she feels that what is more important is to take responsibility for work.

Points to Ponder

The South Korean songstress continued to share the sole reason she has to work harder than she did in her 20s. Whether it is cultivating her career, she needs to take responsibility for her work to advise other people.

At some point, her thoughts and feelings began showing up on her face. If her thoughts age, that should leave her face will look old as well.

She has matured, but she wants to keep pureness of heart. For the time being, Son Dam Bi keeps forming dreams.

She thinks that those are some key points on how someone can age gracefully and grow into a more beautiful person who someone will look up. Nobody grows old by merely living a countable year; they develop both internally and physically.

The feature, photos, and full interview of Son Dam Bi are available in Dazed Korea’s November issue.

Image courtesy of DAZED KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

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