‘Dead by Daylight’ announces Nemesis abilities and upcoming ‘Resident Evil’ crossover events

Nemesis is going to be a lot for survivors to work on.

The Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil crossover event has a brand new trailer for all the fans to check out. This amazing trailer lets fans understand the upcoming events of the game and the gameplay features.

Just right here, you can check out the trailer for the brand new Dead by Daylight. Here some of the Resident Evil crossovers are shown and hinted at, and events are detailed in full for fans.

When the new update arrives for the behavior interactive horror game later this month on June 15th, one of the big new features is played in the Raccoon City Police Station as a map and playable from both the Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remake.

What is the game all about?

Some other headlines are stealing the spotlight of the game as well. Later this month, fans can check out that Nemesis is finally stepping into the game of Dead by Daylight, which is rightly taken from Resident Evil 3. There is a lot to love about this Nemesis, who will play as a new playable villain in the series.

In this particular fact, the Tyrant has shown to possess many different powers, which are different from the original one that players have seen. The ability to shoot out from its tentacles at all the survivors, and if there is some outstretched mass, it can catch them and not only contaminate them but also boost the power of the Nemesis.

That is not all, though, because the Nemesis has several other interesting perks that are available throughout the game. Firstly, the Pursuer perk can give off the ability for the villain to see the survivors through ‘auras.’

These are meant for only a limited period of time and when the match first starts, and the Hysteria perk can let you inflict through the Oblivious status effect on all the surviving players if you deal damage to a single survivor.

The Nemesis is powerful in this game

Additionally, there are other boosts for the Dead by Daylight game that the developers have put out. Here, the Nemesis is bolstered by all the allied zombies, which marks for the first time.

This means that the playable villain is assisted with the help of a teammate filled with AIs in Dead by Daylight. If a survivor gets hit by a zombie, they can take on the contamination status, and if they get hit again, they will instantly have to take the damage.

Alternatively, the Nemesis here can kill zombies to increase their own mutation rate, which will spell off a disaster for all the opposing players. Finally, there is bad news for all the players. They can turn on the generators for traps for all the surviving players.

If you can kick off a generator, then it will be marked yellow for an aura. Then if you put into survivor into ‘Dying State,’ all marked generators will explode one after the other, dealing damage to all the nearby and resetting progress.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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