‘Dead by Daylight’ collaborates with ‘Resident Evil’; Nemesis, Jill, Leon joining roster

Dead by Daylight-Resident Evil collaboration trailer snapshot

Dead by Daylight’s latest collaboration is with Resident Evil, which introduces notable characters from the latter into the roster. Features never before seen in the multiplayer horror game will be making appearances, following the update on June 15, 2021.

Developer Behavior Interactive just announced that Capcom’s beloved franchise will be temporarily tying up with its own. Consequently, this will bring three of the former’s popular figures into the fog. Namely, RE2’s protagonist Leon Kennedy and RE3’s antagonist and protagonist, Nemesis and Jill Valentine, respectively.

New Threats

To be renamed as “The Tyrant,” RE3’s main antagonist Nemesis will be adding to Dead by Daylight’s growing list of killers. True to the popular monster’s fashion, it will employ the tentacles in its arms as a weapon against the Survivors. More than just a weapon to lash on players, The Tyrant’s attacks have the power to infect with the T-Virus. Subsequently, those unfortunate enough to acquire the affliction will see their characters exhibiting drastic coughing and vomiting as symptoms. And, the more Survivors gather the infection, the greater the killer becomes more powerful through wider reach.

Although Nemesis’ ominous presence in the field is formidable enough to eradicate every Survivor in it, there’ll also be additional threats. It seems that it’s not only the three aforementioned personas who made it into the fog. Zombies, apparently, have made their way into it, as well. Regardless of the killer, it appears that these zombies have a way of increasing the risk among Survivors in the map.

Additional Survivors

Adding into the game’s catalog of Survivors are Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy. Details on each character’s unique capabilities remain unclear at the moment. However, there are little to be gathered in what they can do.

Jill Valentine, for example, has the technical prowess to fix broken generators, born from her overall years of experience and training. Aside from repairing them, she also has a trick in her sleeve that causes a sabotaging Killer a taste of their own medicine. Specifically, she could plant a mine that causes explosion and temporary blindness when said opponent chooses to kick the machine.

Leon Kennedy has his own perk in the field, too. With him being able to effectively find flashbangs spread across the map. Flashbangs, like firecrackers, are meant to pose as distraction to Killers, which is handy especially in cases when a Killer carries a Survivor. That is, forcing them to drop whoever they carry for an eventual slay. With a loadout of his own, it makes this unique ability very nifty to have during play.

Another noteworthy inclusion in the update is the faithful rendition of the Racoon City Police Department as additional map.

Image used courtesy of Dead by Daylight/YouTube Screenshot

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