‘Dead by Daylight’ developer announces contents, plans for Pride month

Dead by Daylight livestream logo for the Pride month

In light of the upcoming Pride month celebration in June, Dead by Daylight developer, Behaviour Interactive, declares soon-to-come contents and plans.

With inclusivity as the overarching theme, the studio announces catering storytelling that best represents the LGBTQIA2+ community. Which, in order to do so, would require consultation from persons deeply aware of the community. In this instance, Behaviour Interactive is tying up with GaymerX’s Katie Kaitchuck and Brian Kunde.

Signaling also the event, the developer is also rolling out the Rainbow charm, which Survivors and Killers alike can wear in-game.

#IntoTheRainbow livestream

In further establishing its solidarity with the queer community, BI also announces a launch of a new livestream. Dubbed “#IntoTheRainbow,” the live streaming will see two teams duke it out in a game of cat-and-mouse as facilitated by two hosts. In addition, the showcase will also feature pride tales from both players and the developers. That is with the purpose of establishing a link between the game and the peculiar community.

During the stream, a fundraising endeavor will also be conducted in a bid to provide support to the Trevor Project. To those not in-the-know, the Trevor Project is a program that seeks to prevent suicide among the LGBTQIA2+ community. Which is the same campaign that has been on active duty for 20 years, with the whole nation as its scope. Sympathizers can join the cause by donating once the topic is raised during the show.

However, it isn’t just the Trevor Project that will be the beneficiary of the fundraising initiative. In Quebec, there is also another ongoing campaign which will be recipient of some of the collected funds, Project10. Like the Trevor Project, Project10 is deeply concerned about the LGBTQIA2+ community, but within the Canadian province.

2X Bloodpoints, Character XP, and More

Players of Dead by Daylight Mobile will also have something interesting and exciting to look forward to. Beginning June 14th until the 20th, player will be able to experience the Bloodhunt+. During the event, those who will play will get to get twice the Bloodpoints and character XP.

The Pride month taking place next month is, in essence, about making a statement. Behaviour Interactive, on its part, is making the notion visible through the re-introduction of the Pride Emotes. Specifically for use within Discord or Twitch, the emotes will give supporters a means to express themselves and share connections with, the pride way.

Lastly, Behaviour Interactive is also publishing articles which feature interview among persons in the community. The topic of which would be of great interest to those in the group through a tell-all on what drew them to DbD.

Image used courtesy of Dead by Daylight

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