‘Dead by Daylight’ extends anniversary event, generously grants players massive blood points

Dead by Daylight 4th Year Anniversary Trailer Snapshot

Dead by Daylight developer Behavior Interactive has announced that it will be extending the game’s fourth-anniversary event, pushing its deadline by a week to July 14, 2020, at 11 AM EST. In addition, players who will choose to log into their accounts before the stated deadline will also get 444,444 bloodpoints for free.

Coincidentally, this extension also sees players able to finalize a complete set of Golden Crowns for their characters. For players who manage to get all 14 unique playable characters, this means having to complete the quest on the same number of times successfully.

Getting Golden Crowns Recap

Getting the crowns is a simple and straightforward process. For a Killer, this implies locating a crown, which gives off a golden hue and completing a trial by preventing any survivor from escaping.

Survivors, on the other hand, will also have to do the same thing initially. But with the end-goal of eluding the Killer or to finish the trial by completing certain tasks and surviving. In other words, fixing and running all generators and ultimately exiting the gates. However, using a hatch as a means of victory does not count.

Not a Simple Feat

The idea of successfully getting a Golden Crown for each character is not as simple as the outset. Beginners from the game will be especially at a more difficult spot, based on the lack of familiarity and perk. The game’s mechanics and unique maps being primary considerations and essential add-ons for better survivability.

The dilemma is further compounded by the fact that many more players that are experienced could take on the role of a Killer. An individual who has significant mastery over every map’s nook and cranny that sets greenhorns at a disadvantage.

With the recent release of version 4.1.0 update, Dead by Daylight players could expect an influx of use for either Leatherface or Hillbilly. This is considering some substantial changes that were made, especially for the two Killers, which enhances the risk-to-reward ratio.

Conversely, making a total newbie play as the Killer can make a trial substantially easier for Survivors. Inevitably an apparent advantage with having a newbie who does not have a taste of blood yet in the game.

The Significance of “4”

Players will also be able to purchase perks from the Bloodweb to better survive or dominate the fog. To the unaware, the giveaway bloodpoints has a theme on the number “4,” indicating the game’s four-year stay. Only repeated six times for a handsomely reward.

Image used courtesy of Dead by Daylight/YouTube Screenshot

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