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‘Dead by Daylight’ gets cross-play for multiple platforms, excluding mobile


Dead by Daylight is getting yet another update and, this time, getting some new features that will let players from across different platforms enjoy the game with one another, except for mobile users.

Dubbed “cross-play,” this one new feature lets players from either PC or console play with each other. This contrasts what previously is only a platform-specific play among the overall Dead by Daylight player base.

Platform-Dependent Differences

However, as both platform categories have their own inherent differences, certain features will not be accessible to all. Which, seemingly, is a limitation that comes when converging the overall user base across multiple unique platforms.

One, for instance, is the chat functionality that is absent in the console version but it usable in the PC version. While the developers have no plans of adding chat to console users, they encourage everyone to join their Discord channel with the community. Consequently, this meant that PC players will not be able to do a text-based chat with console players or vice versa.

Another is the idea of keyboard and mouse support on the console, which the developers claim is not yet feasible. Console players who prefer to use a combination of keyboard and mouse must, therefore, switch to the PC version to enjoy the privilege.

With transitioning from one platform to the next in mind, a topic about “cross-progression” is inevitable. Although the devs cannot promise anything about it as of yet, it seems to consider the notion for future release.

In terms of other disparities that are specific to each platform, such contents will remain visible to all players. But individuals who simply have no access to the same content will remain out of reach to it.

Cross-Platform Network

Intuitively, part of the cross-platform convergence is also the ability to add friends from across a different platform. Called the “cross-friends,” this feature lets users add players from a dissimilar platform into their friend’s list. Preferably, with the purpose of expanding a network of friends or to maintain a close relationship for entertainment purposes.

To cross-friend, simply do the following:

  • Go to your Friends list
  • Click on the friend icon+
  • Search for your friend’s DBD ID

For security purposes, it is recommended not to openly expose you or your friend’s unique Dead by Daylight ID.

Major Requirement

But to enjoy the benefits of cross-play, Behaviour Interactive has imposed a rule that applies uniformly to all players. Primarily the version of the game being up-to-date, ensures that everybody is on the same page when doing Trials.

If, for some reason, that a platform is an update behind the latest, cross-play becomes inaccessible until the most recent update rolls out.

The update will also become available to the Google Stadia version when the game releases to it next month.

Image used courtesy of Dead by Daylight

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